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Robnxious's Status
I'm vacillating between being productive or just screwing around today. Productivity seems to be winning so far. Anyone care to change that? Stop on by and say hello then
1 daycomment
Wait...I've been going about this "Fu-whore" thing all wrong. Ladies, send me a 5 bling pack, or I post my NSFW folder, and email it to you :)
2 dayscomment
All right, it's Sunday, yardwork is done, who's ready to play? (Still trying to be a fu-whore, so chat w/ me and I may put out for bling! LOL)
6 dayscomment
I'm thinking about becoming a fu-whore.....what is the first thing I have to do?
Apr 12, 2015comment
Such a nice day in the back yard relaxing, stop on by.
Apr 11, 2015comment
OK....is anyone going to keep me from being productive today?
Mar 21, 2015comment
OK....is anyone going to keep me from being productive today?
Mar 21, 2015comment
Wow, how long did I have that status w/ a typo in it??
Mar 7, 2015comment
That God this week is over! Time to relax and rejuvenate.
Feb 20, 2015comment
OK, not that I am complaining, but why are all the women on here begging to be poked now?
Feb 5, 2015comment
I will not fall for the trap young lady!! LOL
Feb 1, 2015comment
It's Friday, since you've stopped by, you might as well say "hi" right?
Jan 30, 2015comment
I really don't want to work today
Jan 29, 2015comment
Alright, whose turn is it to amuse me today?
Jan 28, 2015comment
OK, I am done fu-whoring for points. I've showered and gotten all cleaned up....anyone want to hold me? LOL
Jan 25, 2015comment
I'm working my money maker today.....busy "Fu-whoring" for points. Love you LONG time sailor girl!! :P
Jan 24, 2015comment
Wow, thanks Fubar for changing the leveling requirements for level 31. I guess this makes up for not getting kissed on "International Kiss a Ginger Day" yesterday!
Jan 13, 2015comment
Thank you to the women of Fubar for saving me from being a Fu-whore by not taking me up on my offer.....still need temporary family adds though
Jan 10, 2015comment
OK.....I didn't want to have to resort to whoring myself out to level, but I will. The FIRST five women who add me to their family and let me know....I'll have phone sex with you. I know, I know, it's an incredible offer, but it's true! :) LOL
Jan 9, 2015comment
Who needs a cranky old pervert uncle in their family?? Free to good home...only need 15 more family adds please
Jan 6, 2015comment
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