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Robnxious's Status
I got nothin today
Aug 15, 2014comment
So many perverted minds on here and NONE of them in boxing me! LOL
Aug 10, 2014comment
I'm on and off here today, check to see if you're lucky and catch me online
Aug 2, 2014comment
Good LORD it's hot, it's too hot for me to even be feisty today!
Aug 1, 2014comment
I need motivation to go and do yardwork, or entertainment to avoid it, what shall it be?
Jul 27, 2014comment
It's nap time I think, anyone care to join me?
Jul 20, 2014comment
How come when I am bored, there is nobody on here to play w/ me?
Jul 6, 2014comment
Why would you have a blast, on a day with unlimited 11's and have your profile blocked except for friends?
Jun 28, 2014comment
You really don't want to know what's on my mind right now, do you?
Jun 22, 2014comment
This space for rent, inquire within.
Jun 22, 2014comment
Alright, who wants to own me for the low low price of............a MILLION dollars?
Jun 8, 2014comment
What's on my mind? Not a dammed thing, how about yours?
May 30, 2014comment
Laid up in bed today, and not in the fun way dammit!
May 24, 2014comment
Ever decide that you have had the same status too long, and you have to change it, but have no clue what to change it to? Yeah, me too
May 4, 2014comment
No sure I want to get "fu-married" or "fu-engaged", but does anyone what to just "fu-f**k" for awhile?? :)
Mar 29, 2014comment
I got nuffin'
Mar 22, 2014comment
I'm back, miss anything exciting?
Feb 23, 2014comment
I think it's naptime. Anyone want to tuck me in and tell me a story?
Feb 23, 2014comment
Alright my Canadian friends, I'm ready,tell me how "great" we are at hockey (or any winter sport for that matter)
Feb 22, 2014comment
Is it slow here today, or just me?
Dec 15, 2013comment
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