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Robnxious's Status
Haven't been on in forever, stopping in to see what's up. Stop by and say hello!
Feb 5, 2016comment
You really don't want to know what thoughts are running through my head today! LOL Everyone have a great Friday.
May 29, 2015comment
Another day, another dollar
May 21, 2015comment
Slap my ass and pinch my nipples, that was a good nap, feeling refreshed now and ready to play
May 19, 2015comment
Back home from my little mini-trip and it's now nap time
May 19, 2015comment
OK....I was shaking my money maker, and knocked out a ton of points. LOL Probably rate me like what....top 3000?? LOL
May 16, 2015comment
Well, just learned something interesting, do you know that if you are rating and liking on your phone, and they take away the unlimited 11's, your phone still shows you rating 11's, even though you aren't giving them a rating at all?
May 16, 2015comment
Why did I volunteer to work today? Oh well, might as well play on here a bit
May 16, 2015comment
Don't want to work today...but I'm there. Anyone care to occupy my time?
May 12, 2015comment
OK...off to do yardwork. I will be on and off today, so stop in and say "hi"
May 10, 2015comment
Why yes, a Crown on the rocks sounds really good right now, think'll I'll have one
May 6, 2015comment
OK, not at work today, and feeling it! Wanna feel it too? LOL
May 3, 2015comment
At work, but not really feeling it today
May 2, 2015comment
Thanks to those who helped me level. I really appreciate. It and owe you all
Apr 26, 2015comment
OK, one last one to go, thanks again to all the help I have gotten so far. I truly do appreciate it
Apr 26, 2015comment
I'm shaking my money maker.....just need TWO new owners to level.....I'm still cheap ladies, and will work for "favors" LOL
Apr 26, 2015comment
And Lioness makes Three. Two more to go. Thank you
Apr 26, 2015comment
That's two down, three to go. Thank you Taboo and Sweet Jody Blue Eyes
Apr 26, 2015comment
OK...I now need 4 more owners. Let's go people, if I had boobs I would have leveled already! LOL
Apr 26, 2015comment
I need to be fu-owned 5 times to level, I'm cheap ladies....step right up! :P
Apr 26, 2015comment
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