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Robnxious's Status
No sure I want to get "fu-married" or "fu-engaged", but does anyone what to just "fu-f**k" for awhile?? :)
Mar 29, 2014comment
I got nuffin'
Mar 22, 2014comment
I'm back, miss anything exciting?
Feb 23, 2014comment
I think it's naptime. Anyone want to tuck me in and tell me a story?
Feb 23, 2014comment
Alright my Canadian friends, I'm ready,tell me how "great" we are at hockey (or any winter sport for that matter)
Feb 22, 2014comment
Is it slow here today, or just me?
Dec 15, 2013comment
On for a bit, say hi
Oct 19, 2013comment
Alright, forget that, yardwork is not going to happen today. Guess it's BBQ and Beers then.
Jul 21, 2013comment
Out trying to do yardwork. BBL
Jul 21, 2013comment
It is just too hot to do anything outside today
Jul 20, 2013comment
Hey, for anyone who is wanting to get their Cherry Bomb bonus, I'll gladly take a bombing, since I need one to level.
Jul 13, 2013comment
Why do I keep thinking that I will "Go to Fubar for some excitement"? You would think I would have learned by now!! LOL
Jul 7, 2013comment
Haven't been on for a long time, been busy as all hell. Hope all is well with everyone
Jun 6, 2013comment
Which is going to get exciting first today, the Masters or Fubar. The way it's looking, neither!
Apr 14, 2013comment
On and off here today. I want to be lazy today but keep finding ways to be productive damn it!
Apr 13, 2013comment
Kiss me I'm Irish, you decide where!! LOL
Mar 17, 2013comment
Hey, I showered today!! Come on in
Mar 8, 2013comment
Enter at your own risk!! ;)
Feb 2, 2013comment
Bored on a day off, what's crackin' today?
Jan 25, 2013comment
OK, now I just need to be bombed a few times to level. Anyone willing to help me out?
Nov 25, 2012comment
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