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Bound N Silk XxRRxX's Status
Apr 4, 2014comment
Wanted: Massage with a happy ending :) hehe
Apr 1, 2014comment
Why don't you give me the zip code to the state of denial you're living in & I'll send ya postcard!
Mar 28, 2014comment
Happy Friday almost Saturday!
Mar 28, 2014comment
Happy St Patty's Day!
Mar 17, 2014comment
Eagles Nest bound!!!
Mar 15, 2014comment
Lalalala I'm bored!
Feb 13, 2014comment
It is what it is.. until it isn't!
Feb 11, 2014comment
Waiting for the snow to start.. lalalala
Jan 28, 2014comment
Happy it's freaking cold outside day!
Jan 21, 2014comment
Happy New Year!!!!
Dec 30, 2013comment
Merry Christmas and if you don't like how I say it.. well that's your problem & not mine :)
Dec 22, 2013comment
30 outside two days ago & now almost 80.. gotta love mother nature!
Dec 21, 2013comment
Oh look!! It's cold as fk again!
Dec 13, 2013comment
Mmmmm yellow cake & choc icing!
Dec 11, 2013comment
Can you think of one word that would amuse me?
Dec 11, 2013comment
Hmmmm boring!
Dec 11, 2013comment
This cold weather with no snow is only good for one thing.. snuggling!
Dec 10, 2013comment
Mmmm Cherry Cobbler!
Dec 6, 2013comment
Bored... see there's a status!
Dec 6, 2013comment
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