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George The Guy's Status
Thankyou to everyone who Fu-Owned me!
Mar 9, 2015comment
I need to be Fu-owned 3 more times for level, anyone want to buy me for $10,002 Fu-Bucks, please?
Mar 9, 2015comment
I need to be Fu-Owned 4 more times, anyone want to buy me for 11,000 Fu-bucks?
Mar 9, 2015comment
I need to be Fu-Owned 5 times, atleast 10,000 Fubucks, please buy me.
Mar 9, 2015comment
Dec 4, 2014comment
Busy weekend, have fun!
Aug 23, 2014comment
3600% for cherry bombs today? COuld use a few, please, trying to level.
Jul 24, 2014comment
Updated status pending
Jun 28, 2014comment
Did I LIKE you today? Maybe it was because I like you, maybe it was because I got 2500 points for doing it.
Jun 20, 2014comment
I need someone to give me their points for 12 hours so I can rank in the top 1,000, please.
Apr 17, 2014comment
Help me rank in the top 1,000. I need Fan/Rates/Likes and Friends
Feb 25, 2014comment
Still trying togetin the top 1000. Fan/rate/like/friend me.
Jan 19, 2014comment
I need to rank in the top 1000 to level. Need Likes and Fans please
Aug 14, 2013comment
just leveled, thank to all that helped
May 31, 2013comment
500 thousands points to level. Fan/rate/Like/add
May 29, 2013comment
1 Million points to level, Fan/Rate/Like/Add please.
May 25, 2013comment
Just got home from Doctors. Cholesterol is 73/28 very kick ass.
Apr 27, 2013comment
Found my Weddingband!!! I did actually lose it. I didn't sell it to go visit one of my Fubar Girlfriends!
Apr 22, 2013comment
Lost my wedding band, plain white gold band, if found please send me a message.
Apr 15, 2013comment
Fleamarket Openning day. If you are near Hollis New Hampshire, come visit us at Shirley's Fleamarket.
Apr 13, 2013comment
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