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George The Guy's Status
Merry New Year!!!!
Dec 27, 2012comment
On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me her on all fours, a threesome, two hard nipples and Oral!!!
Dec 21, 2012comment
On the Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me A threesome, two hard nipples and Oral!!!
Dec 20, 2012comment
On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me Two hard nipples and Oral!!!!
Dec 19, 2012comment
On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Oral!!!
Dec 18, 2012comment
Is it the first day of Christmas already?
Dec 10, 2012comment
Thankyou, everyone, for your Birthday wishes. Makes me feel a lot younger.
Nov 25, 2012comment
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.
Nov 23, 2012comment
Took out a dozen zombies on the 31st and all they had on them was candy.
Nov 1, 2012comment
It's my Fu-Engaged's Birthday today, please send her your best wishes, Thanks.
Oct 20, 2012comment
YOU JUST WOKE UP IN MY BED NAKED NEXT TO ME...using 3 words what would you say to me? If you comment you must post as your status so I can comment on yours. See what the others say !!
Oct 9, 2012comment
Boomerang over, thans for all who jioned in. still Fan/rate/add/like me please
Sep 14, 2012comment
Less than an hour left on my Boomerang. Fan/Add/like and rate rate rate me please
Sep 14, 2012comment
Jt a couple hours left to my Boomerrang. fan/rate/add/like/etc.....
Sep 14, 2012comment
3 hours left to my Boomerang, please Fan/rate/like/add/friend
Sep 14, 2012comment
Boomerang Activated, Fan/rate/add/like me!!!!
Sep 14, 2012comment
Fan/Friend/Lick..... I mean Like me. Still need 25 fans. Sexual favors are still free to woemne and really hot men.
Aug 13, 2012comment
OK I guess a few, a select few, OK just one of you just doesn't seem to understand. I'd draw a Pict-o-gram, but I can't do that in a Status comment. So let me try one more time. I click 'Like' on your comments for the points I get (around 200 - 1000).
Aug 12, 2012comment
I 'LIKE' you because I like the couple hundred points it gives us. I fan you because I like you. I need 25 new fans. Rates/adds/likes welcome too. As usualy, sexual favors are always free.
Aug 10, 2012comment
I wanted to post a new status comment, but then I changed my mind. So sexual Favors are still free. Don't forget to Fan/Rate/Add/Like me.
Jul 25, 2012comment
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