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Jason's Status
pretty buzzed right now lol
Oct 23, 2014comment
hows all the beautiful women doing today :)
Aug 7, 2014comment
hey all you beautiful people :)
Jun 1, 2014comment
I'm back! :)
Jan 5, 2013comment
drinking time :)
Jul 27, 2012comment
uh ho.. feeling baaaad if u know what i mean, hit me up i want to have fun hehe
Jul 24, 2012comment
very naughty thoughts
Jul 18, 2012comment
im finally back on here after being away, but yea im bored hows everyone doing??
Jul 16, 2012comment
hey all ;)
Apr 16, 2012comment
5 days off, who in va beach want to chill :)
Mar 29, 2012comment
anyone is va beach want to get together and hang out?
Mar 29, 2012comment
bored and naughty haha whos on
Dec 30, 2011comment
does anyone have Skype :)
Dec 9, 2011comment
Dec 5, 2011comment
at va beach alone who wants to hang out ;)
Oct 14, 2011comment
horny and alone :(
Sep 29, 2011comment
need some one here to have fun with ;)
Sep 16, 2011comment
Sep 7, 2011comment
way to drunk right now
Sep 5, 2011comment
im drunk
Sep 4, 2011comment
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