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DixieBoo's Status
Happy Sunday! Muah!
Aug 21, 2016comment
Thanks for all the lovins
Jun 21, 2015comment
[[yes, I'm still alive]]
Nov 14, 2011comment
[[I need 10 noob drinks- yay.]]
Oct 13, 2011comment
[[got the lappy workin again for now and feelin better- hopin to be around more;; xoxo]]
Oct 11, 2011comment
[[still very sick;; my lappy is out of commission so Im not on much right now;; miss my 1N fam and friends]]
Oct 5, 2011comment
[[ack. I need 2 new fans to lvl. any takers?]]
Oct 1, 2011comment
[[sick;; not on much;; love the fam;; xoxo]]
Sep 27, 2011comment
Sep 14, 2011comment
[[leave a comment so I can get ya back;; love the wifey and the fam- really dunno whu I would do without em right now;; xoxo]]
Sep 12, 2011comment
[[busy weekend.. I'll be around :) love the wifey and the fam- they're the besttt;; xoxo]]
Sep 10, 2011comment
[[numba 2 frann is givin me her points :) go love on herrr. xoxo]]
Sep 9, 2011comment
[[924,000 to go;; like me and shiattt :) kthanks && tha wifey and tha fam;; that is all. xoxo]]
Sep 9, 2011comment
[[1.5 mil to go- love on me and leave a comment so I can get ya back;; hit tha wifey and tha fam;; xoxo]]
Sep 8, 2011comment
[[love the wifey and family :) kthanks]]
Sep 8, 2011comment
[[love tha wifey- she's givin me her points;; 2 and 3 on GM;; love tha fam- cause I do]]
Sep 6, 2011comment
[[had a family emergency come up- won't b on til late tomorrow night. Love the wifey;; she's givin me her points. 2 and 3 on GM;; xoxo]]
Sep 6, 2011comment
[[love on my 2 and 3 friends;; they got GM goin;; bang my boomy;; love muh wifey and fam;; they rawk;; xoxo]]
Sep 6, 2011comment
[[love on my number 1 and 2- they ridin goddess mode;; bang my boomy;; love my fam :) kthanks;; xoxo]]
Sep 6, 2011comment
[[bang it;; spank it. I need like 4 credits- SB me.. Would love a cherry bomb && fubux;; love the wifey and fam;; they rock muh sox;; xoxo]]
Sep 6, 2011comment
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