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THAT Girl FANN HER's Status
One step forward three steps back , at least karma is finally catching up to the one person who hurt my mom all the time her piece of shit daughter ! 'Maybe things are going my way for once .. he kind folks:)
1 daycomment
Who sleeps through their happy hour ? @9@ that would be me!! Sigh now I need another one
1 daycomment
It'd be like that sometimes!! Happy hour tonight want in ? 8; you aren't my fan already 5 credits
2 dayscomment
Hate the holidays:( in my grinch voice
3 dayscomment
I'll take a bling pack if anyone is in the giving mood :)
4 dayscomment
Why am I awake ? Stupid ! Oh wait cause I miss my mom and can't sleep !! If you haven't figured it out yet . My life sucks
Nov 24, 2016comment
Have I mention how much I hate life ? Ya try dealing with a burnt lip from your coffee :((
Nov 23, 2016comment
Once you lose one or both of your parents life will never be the same.. For me it's s struggle just waking up !!
Nov 17, 2016comment
Oct 28, 2016comment
Well darn guess I'm not that loved :/ boo ߘ
Oct 27, 2016comment
Okay guys, friends, haters, stalkers , crushes and fans I need all of those new lE sugar skull blings help a girl Out :) I don't ask for help often ? -Anyone ?
Oct 27, 2016comment
If you're local to me come by me lunch please MK :)
Oct 27, 2016comment
Looking for a fairytale..
Oct 27, 2016comment
Who needs a owner ??
Oct 23, 2016comment
Here cause I have no life lol :) someone spoil me temporarily happiness is much needed
Oct 23, 2016comment
You know your life sucks when it's a Friday and you wished. It was a Wednesday! I need wine lots of it
Oct 21, 2016comment
Death is always around me :( it makes you wonder who's next
Oct 21, 2016comment
In one year I have lost 6 family members and 2 friends :(( that's a lot I'm becoming numb to pain
Oct 21, 2016comment
No famp tonight . Sorry famo I'm exhausted!! But keep the love coming stop by a fan me please
Oct 17, 2016comment
It takes a whole mere 2 seconds to FAN me have you ??
Oct 17, 2016comment
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