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F A N LINN's Status
Haven't really been here much today so if i missed anyone with that last famp ill get you next time if you shout me....But its bedtime :) much love to all of you
3 hrscomment
Smh dunno understand some of you on here!!!>.But whatever
4 hrscomment
Now i need a new boomy :) who loves me
4 hrscomment
Now time to get my night started Stop by and leave a rate so my fam gets a rate too...MY NUMBER 1 FRIEND NEEEDS FANS AND LIKES GO GET HIS BUTTONS MMMK
7 hrscomment
Few spots open let me know if you want in :)
8 hrscomment
Thanks yewww know who you are !!:) To everyone eles famping later feel free to spoil me
8 hrscomment
Who loves??? i WOULD LOVE some boomys feel free to send them private so your fu loves dont get mad :)
8 hrscomment
Famp ride later tonight whos staying up with me? get your drinks ready...DONT FORGET TO GO LIKE MY NUMBER 1 FRIEND AND FAN HIM THANKS
9 hrscomment
My number 1 friend needs tons of NEW FANS AND LIKES PLEASE STOP BY HIS PAGE AND CLICK THOSE BUTTONS..Would love a few boomys if anyone can help me out lll be forever greatful js
11 hrscomment
Doing stuff today famping later looking to buy a few boomys sb if me wanna make a deal :)
16 hrscomment
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