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F A N L I N N's Status
Running shiny stuff today!! :) been hectic tired !! Lately
7 hrscomment
So tired today i could sleep to the moon and back.....Wait does that even make sense!!!
1 daycomment
May be time to delete this place !! Can't stand the fakes they mess it up for everyone eles
4 dayscomment
So sick I feel like I might die!! Well not really but it sucks and all my little fur babies have made it to heaven !! :(
5 dayscomment
100% real and superman bling who loves me? :)
6 dayscomment
Don't misake my kindness for weakness ill choke you with the same hand i fed you with!!!...
Dec 11, 2014comment
We have your easy hh fix right here with some simple art and crafts skills you can take care of the problem :) just ask us how
Dec 10, 2014comment
LOL @ the HH!!...Do you even have a life outside of here? pathetic!!...Oh such thing....oh such thing
Dec 10, 2014comment
:( One of my good friends on here that i have known for a very-long time is sick in need of lots of prayers please..In less then 6 months i have lost three friends on fubar and lost count on how many love ones and friends i have lost in the last year outside of here!...Please keep them in your prayers
Dec 9, 2014comment
Spank the boomy?.....My fam likes it :) FAN ME TO PLEASE? :)
Dec 8, 2014comment
Another one of my friends that i have known my entire life passed away yesterday morning...I'll never forget your last words to me Justin "Dang girl i can't believe you're all grown up with 4 kids and damn you're the most gorgeous sister i have ever seen you're not that little teeny anymore......not many times do i enjoy listening so dude tell me how hot i am but he was a brother, from other mother time for me to focus on my love ones more often for tomorrow they could be gone!! :(
Dec 7, 2014comment
“Become the leader of your life. Lead yourself to where you want to be. Breathe life back into your dreams, your desires, your goals, your relationships.And last but not least your "SMILE"
Dec 5, 2014comment
.Sometimes you make me so mad i wanna throw you in the middle of on-going traffic; but then i realize i would probably kill myself trying to save you.
Dec 4, 2014comment
That moment you're standing in line and two guys behind you are talking about how good you smell!! Then you turn around and give them the evil eye!! Priceless :)
Dec 4, 2014comment
Do something positive today!!...Whether it be for yourself or someone eles!..
Dec 4, 2014comment
Spank my boomy so my fam gets a rate too :) off an on eating and homework luv on me :)
Dec 3, 2014comment
These damn paper cuts!!!!
Dec 3, 2014comment
Sell me your soul..........
Dec 1, 2014comment
Monday has arrived!! Luv on me? Fan me ? Rate my page famping later :) today What are you'll buying me for Christmas? I got some coal for some of you'll :) jk
Dec 1, 2014comment
Goodbyes suck so bad!!...my dad was the first guy i ever loved hate saying goodbye to him!!...Is it New years eve yet?...In my grinch voice!!! i'll take some beer!
Nov 30, 2014comment
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