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Shes A Legend's Status
Breaking news!' The warmer the days the less clothing I'll be wearing -LOL looks like I'm gonna need to be stocking up on some new bathing suits!
17 hrscomment
Just realized summer is nearly here! I'll be checking in from time to time! Seeing who leaves me love!! :) Hope everyone has a blessed, safe and HOTT summer!!
23 hrscomment
I hate all of yu the same Carry on
May 13, 2015comment
If yu think im ignoring yu....then i probably am :)
May 11, 2015comment
fu is overpopulated with "FAKES" Time to cremate them!!! in other forms time to delete their accounts!!...WiSHFUL Thinking rate me for the fam dont forget to fan me!! and if yur feeling it crush me :) too
May 11, 2015comment
If you want bombed...FANNNN, RATE, FIRST :) THEN SB ME
May 11, 2015comment
Time to do a fam clean up :) let me know if you wanna stay
May 11, 2015comment
Okay...My need list!!!...I need to level, i need a shiton of achievements, i NEED a big bling pack to make it happen, and i NEED a ton of power up blings....OOoo my want list is so much better :) any takers on helping out?
May 11, 2015comment
I Have a "NEED List" and a "WANT LIST" Which one should i post first ? not like either matter lol
May 11, 2015comment
Is it football season yet ? Good thing it's not because I don't have one ticket to the Cowboys games yet!! Slacking !! But for real football withdrawals are a struggle
May 11, 2015comment
One of the smartest decisions in life is knowing who deserves to stay forever!........
May 10, 2015comment
Spending today like I do Everyday with my brats!!
May 10, 2015comment
welcome to the best team in NFL former LSU offensive lineman Collins!! It's gonna be a great year can't wait!! Now all I need is season passes :)
May 8, 2015comment
Something's just never change !!
Apr 25, 2015comment
One of those days where I feel like ripping everyone's face off !!:/ beware you'll have been warned lol
Apr 24, 2015comment
Hopefully im alive after all this damn sickness leaves my house !!
Apr 23, 2015comment
Pink eye and flu !! Yup that's where I've been so checking in when I can!!
Apr 22, 2015comment
Eww!! That's how I feel Blah!!
Apr 20, 2015comment
Today has been a really crappy day :( i need a really strong drink its been to long
Apr 17, 2015comment
Only god knows your purpose, you should know your worth!!
Apr 16, 2015comment
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