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F A N LINN's Status
Famp tonight lol as promised from last night sorry but I can't deal with the idiots and fakes on here so let's try it again tonight
1 daycomment
Running a famp later today as promised for yesterday if you wanna trade let me know...as i will not be on afterwards
2 dayscomment
Happy 8 crazy years on here!!...Thanks to the real people for keeping it 100!! on here...Time to shine :) if your famping and wanna trade sb me
3 dayscomment
Nothing new
5 dayscomment
Yay fus
Jan 21, 2015comment
IF you have 44 pics and not 1 salute GTFOFH SPANK MY BOOMY HARD!! RATE IT FOR THE FAM
Jan 7, 2015comment
Aye!!!! Fu's
Jan 6, 2015comment
Patiently waiting for my cowboys to play :)
Jan 4, 2015comment
I will be famping this evening for sure who wants to trade ? Bday in 22 days :)
Jan 3, 2015comment
My bday is in 23 days who wants to spoil me? :)
Jan 2, 2015comment
All smiles :) 2015 is starting off right Today is the first page of 365 page book you'll be writing make it the best one possible
Jan 1, 2015comment
Creepin..... :)
Dec 30, 2014comment
Spank my boomy :) and fan me too :) who missed me?
Dec 30, 2014comment
Havm't been on here in what seems like forever :D LOL Running shinny things later though :) stop by and fan me please
Dec 30, 2014comment
Merry Christmas see everyone next year!!!
Dec 25, 2014comment
Probably one of the worst christmas ever ill just be glad when its over in my grinch voice!!
Dec 22, 2014comment
My kids are always acussing me of having a favorite "child" which is ridiculous because i dont really like any of them!!>..Sike just kidding Its almost x-mas what are you'll getting me? :)
Dec 22, 2014comment
When what to my wondering eyes should appear but 10 extra pounds on my hips thighs and rear!! These cookies are so effin yummy and even better made by the one and only LINN '
Dec 19, 2014comment
Good Afternoon beautiful ppl you ugly MFS keep on scrollin, im not talkin to you.....LOL :) SPANK MY BOOMY FAN ME TOO
Dec 18, 2014comment
So tired today i could sleep to the moon and back.....Wait does that even make sense!!!
Dec 17, 2014comment
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