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Nothing new!!! But the sun is coming out more :)
8 hrscomment
Time for a change!!! Can't wait for summer gonna take lots of hot pictures :)
Apr 16, 2014comment
Why does life have to be so hard these days!! Sometimes I wish I had a delete button!!
Apr 15, 2014comment
Apr 14, 2014comment
Rate my profile please and come fan me :)
Apr 13, 2014comment
Well that didn't happen!! Okay will try to run a famp tomorrow!! Ugh why does life have to be do stressful oh well at least I'm getting a tan
Apr 12, 2014comment
Will be running a famp with Big Bang later today and posting some new pics :) 3 credits to get in
Apr 12, 2014comment
Havn't had time to be on here lately!!..But im here now!!! So this girl could use some spoiling its been awhile!!
Apr 11, 2014comment
So I've had this beer in my frige for 11 months think I will drink it today!! Just that kinda day :/
Apr 11, 2014comment
It's shorts weather!! Can't wait to get my summer clothes out!! Sigh!! I need some new ones to model!!
Apr 10, 2014comment
One day at a time..,,
Apr 9, 2014comment
Making salutes later maybe :)
Apr 8, 2014comment
This weather
Apr 8, 2014comment
Maybe I'll do some salutes!! Who wants one??
Apr 8, 2014comment
One day at a time!!.....
Apr 8, 2014comment
Life keeps throwing curveballs at me!... :( ....Anyone miss me?
Apr 7, 2014comment
Good morning!!
Apr 5, 2014comment
Some sunshine and spoiling what's a girl gotta do!!
Apr 4, 2014comment
is here.................
Apr 3, 2014comment
So i've pretty much have had one of the worst years of my life between 2013-14 but hopfuly it builds me up stronger!!...Who knew shit could go wrong everyday!!..Oh hey Fu!!
Apr 1, 2014comment
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