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CplB's Status
That moment you realize you haven't slept in 38 hrs :(
Jul 16, 2016comment
One of the biggest things that pisses me off is someone who trys to act like they where or are in the military when they never have been you dumb punk bitch need to stop that shit
Jan 4, 2015comment
cant sleep whos up
May 31, 2014comment
long night more painting to do
Dec 10, 2013comment
Im thankful for all the brothers iv made in the past and for all those i have lost i love you guys and keep fighting the good fight Semper
Nov 28, 2013comment
if you like art go check out my page facebook.com/freddybaezaarte like it share it comment :)
Nov 28, 2013comment
ahh fuck you tornados good thing i made it home
May 31, 2013comment
give me some drinks newbies lol
Jan 10, 2013comment
can i get some help need some more fans pls :)
Dec 8, 2012comment
need more fans help me out please :)
Nov 29, 2012comment
any one want to skype hmu
Aug 11, 2012comment
why the hell do you think its ok to say your in the military and wear a uniform when you dont even have the balls to go sign up like the rest of us that are in ppl like you should e taught a lesson
Feb 4, 2012comment
its funny how some ppl are its ok idc anymore
Jan 22, 2012comment
well sleeping in icu sucks hope my mom just gets out the hosp soon :(
Jan 5, 2012comment
blah blah blah is all i hear what the fuck ever
Dec 18, 2011comment
all day ive been thinking how id give everything just to gt a chance to go back in not gonna lie i know its weird but i miss my corps Semper FI my brothers
Dec 10, 2011comment
feel like just taking a bat upside someones head ahhhhhh
Dec 2, 2011comment
any ladies wanna chat on cam
Nov 27, 2011comment
looking for a girl to skype with
Nov 26, 2011comment
very bored any girls up for skype :)
Nov 12, 2011comment
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