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SWEETS's Status
Happy Monday Fubooger's lol...
May 6, 2013comment
Well Heyyyy Fubar long time no see... lol
Apr 29, 2013comment
In a strange mood today lol....
May 2, 2012comment
What lives in a cave n only comes out for sex??? lol
Apr 27, 2012comment
Hi guys thought I'd come back n see whats poppin lol....
Feb 25, 2012comment
Hey sexy friends fixen to leave here if u wanna keep in touch inbox me n I will give u my info love yall just aint feelin it here right now got to much going on......
Oct 12, 2011comment
Oct 8, 2011comment
Thought DMX was gone but hes not lol he is preforming tonight a CROC'S in Greenville,SC $5 to get in so if ur a fan dats where he will be I added a vid so u see I'm not crazy lolzzzz......
Oct 7, 2011comment
Yall aint gonna believe this but I met DMX in Walmart last night lol....
Oct 4, 2011comment
Hey sweeties thanks for all ur luvins sorry i just don't be on here much anymore... Luvins back muahhhhhhhhhhhhh...........
Oct 1, 2011comment
I have all kinds of devious little demons running around in my head! Is it weird that it puts a smile on my face..... lolzzzzzzzzz
Aug 21, 2011comment
On this day in 99 my baby sis was killed she was 18 n I still cant get over it n miss her everyday I play the same song for her each year so its first on playin on my pf love n miss u Misty.....
Aug 20, 2011comment
Thanks guys got my pic rates now 5 Cherry bombs n points lol
Aug 18, 2011comment
Hey guys I need 166 photo rates n 5 Cherry bombs n a butt load of points to level plzzzzzz help I wanna get to 28 so I can shit face everybody lolzzzz...
Aug 17, 2011comment
Been gone for a minute had some Bizz to take care of thanks for all the luvins while I was gone luv yall back muahhhhhhhhhhhh (h)
Aug 15, 2011comment
Needs some sexersize. Who wants to be my personal trainer????
Aug 9, 2011comment
69... Some might call it nasty... I call it a romantic dinner for 2!!
Aug 1, 2011comment
I will not be a naughty girl I will not be a naughty girl I will not be a naughty girl I will not be a naughty girl I will not... Ah, hell. Who am I kidding? lolzzzzz
Jul 28, 2011comment
Okayyyyyy Battle of the Bands for today WOW!!!! REALLY!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!
Jul 27, 2011comment
Ok guy's wake up horny its called morning wood what do u call it for girls?????? lolzzzz
Jul 25, 2011comment
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