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Gone for about 2 years... I'll be back in another 2! :D
Jul 29, 2017comment
NOT being on here is awesome. All of you should try it. Spending REAL MONEY on .gifs... HAHA...
Dec 7, 2015comment
Happy Mother's Day to all! I'll be back in 6 months! :D
May 10, 2015comment
Today is a DAMNED GOOD Day! :D
Jun 15, 2014comment
Share my thoughts? Mondays and Tuesdays suck ass! :p
Apr 1, 2014comment
I hope you choke on your soup... Asshole!
Nov 18, 2013comment
Buh-bye! :D
Nov 14, 2013comment
The difference between the Pope and your boss: the Pope only expects you to kiss his ring.
Nov 12, 2013comment
To ALL Veterans, Godspeed! :D
Nov 11, 2013comment
You remind me of a blue ribbon bass. I don't know if I should mount you or eat you.
Nov 10, 2013comment
Beer - Helping ugly people get laid since 1881
Nov 7, 2013comment
Guys: No Shirt - No Service, Gals: No Shirt - No Charge
Nov 6, 2013comment
Does this rag smell like Chloroform to you?
Nov 5, 2013comment
Kids in the back seat cause accidents; accidents in the back seat cause kids.
Nov 4, 2013comment
Safe sex is locking and dead bolting the door so you have enough time to escape before the husband breaks down the door.
Nov 3, 2013comment
Happiness is when your gf is mad at you, and gives you the silent treatment thinking it's punishment... It's actually bliss! :D
Nov 2, 2013comment
The 10,000th like on this woman's profile gets an AWESOME SURPRISE to be given out tomorrow upon verification! http://fubar.com/6291122
Oct 24, 2013comment
LIke this woman, I do! http://fubar.com/6291122
Oct 24, 2013comment
Back home... Too bad the PA Trip ended... I'm FINALLY, beginning to lose the buzz :p
Oct 20, 2013comment
Headed to PA this weekend! Huzzah! :D
Oct 17, 2013comment
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