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Sproet's Status
Managed to stab my hand with a turkey :| I win!
2 dayscomment
You completed achievement: Nine Years on fubar!
4 dayscomment
Nov 9, 2015comment
Almost 9 years on fu.... wowza! :D
Nov 4, 2015comment
Lost an old friend today.... heart kind of hurts. He'll be missed dearly.
Oct 27, 2015comment
Got a great costume? Check out Fu's costume contest! http://fubar.com/halloween-2015-costume-contest/b351112-1284662
Oct 22, 2015comment
Happy Back to the Future Day!
Oct 21, 2015comment
Forever in our hearts ♥ Dolly ♥
Oct 8, 2015comment
Can't make words...
Oct 7, 2015comment
Happy Hour Prices: 12am - 8am : 500 million fuBucks | 9am - 11pm : 29 credits
Oct 6, 2015comment
There's something about an 80s music playlist that makes me far more productive.
Oct 2, 2015comment
You can tell everybody this is your song...
Oct 1, 2015comment
Had a blast at the beach. Back to reality....
Sep 27, 2015comment
Beach bound :D Checking in when I can.
Sep 24, 2015comment
Sep 15, 2015comment
Out of town, please leave a PM with any site suggestions or questions. :D
Sep 11, 2015comment
Super congested mode activate! Bleh.
Sep 9, 2015comment
Good news, everyone. I've taught the toaster to feel love.
Sep 2, 2015comment
I only just realized today is actually Tuesday, making this the best Monday ever.
Sep 1, 2015comment
I owe my immense love of horror movies to Wes Craven. He will be sorely missed.
Aug 31, 2015comment
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