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Sproet's Status
Hubby: That guy just won't die! Me: Well, the movie is called "Die Hard"
Dec 25, 2017comment
Merry everything and a happy always ♥
Dec 24, 2017comment
Dear Santa, I hope you like whiskey and tacos.
Dec 19, 2017comment
You completed achievement: Eleven Years on fubar!
Nov 22, 2017comment
Me when my kitchen lights start flickering: Not today Demogorgon!
Nov 9, 2017comment
NaNoWriMo time already? Oh dear....
Nov 1, 2017comment
Happy Hallowine!
Oct 31, 2017comment
Hallowine is my favorite holiday.
Oct 22, 2017comment
Well someone likes me today: fluffy rated you a '9'!
Oct 19, 2017comment
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