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Sproet's Status
You'll end up living in a van down by the river.
3 dayscomment
Your face, I like it.
4 dayscomment
Updated youtube blog: http://fubar.com/how-to-use-youtube-autoplay/b339073-1237397 Also, LOGOUT can now be found under the MY dropdown
6 dayscomment
The logout button has been moved to the bottom of the MY dropdown menu.
6 dayscomment
All aboard the crazy train.
Jan 16, 2015comment
Updated youtube blog - http://fubar.com/how-to-use-youtube-autoplay/b339073-1237397
Jan 11, 2015comment
Happy weekend! Please feel free to PM any site or bling suggestions :)
Jan 9, 2015comment
How many cups of coffee does it take to cancel the effects of benadryl? The answer is around 4....
Jan 7, 2015comment
fluffy rated you a '6'!
Jan 2, 2015comment
My New Year's Resolution? 1920 x 1080
Dec 29, 2014comment
Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us!
Dec 23, 2014comment
Everything's coming up Milhouse!
Dec 19, 2014comment
Adjusting to new glasses... headache overload.
Dec 15, 2014comment
Let the sneezing fits begin....
Dec 15, 2014comment
You completed achievement: Eight Years on fubar!
Nov 23, 2014comment
My eye doctor thinks clear 20/20 vision is out of my reach at this point, kind of bummed.
Nov 20, 2014comment
Only because I adore you, Hugh G. Better? :p
Nov 17, 2014comment
Today marks TWO YEARS since I quit smoking ^_^
Nov 11, 2014comment
I literally just stabbed myself with a post-it note.... Is Monday over yet?
Nov 10, 2014comment
[insert clever status here] Please feel free to PM any site/bling ideas or questions.
Nov 10, 2014comment
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