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Sproet's Status
Free prizes? Okay! Check out Fubar's Promoter's Cup! http://fubar.com/fst
18 hrscomment
Fubar Promoters Cup! http://fubar.com/fst
1 daycomment
Had an awesome birthday, thanks all! :D
3 dayscomment
Birthday! :D
Nov 30, 2016comment
Birthday eve!
Nov 30, 2016comment
Yay rain! Finally!
Nov 29, 2016comment
Cyber Monday - 50% off credit packs!
Nov 28, 2016comment
New Achievement Completed: Ten Years on fubar!
Nov 21, 2016comment
Went to my first convention this weekend. I bought way too much (*cough cough* not enough) geeky stuff and got photobombed mooned by a Season 4, The Walking Dead cast member.... So, it was interesting lol
Nov 21, 2016comment
This is why we can't have nice things.
Nov 9, 2016comment
Nov 9, 2016comment
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