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Sproet's Status
Crazy busy day ((Feel free to PM site & bling ideas, as well as, any questions about the fu you have))
2 hrscomment
Back when I joined this site you had to walk two miles uphill in the snow just to post a MuMM! True story.
6 dayscomment
Have fun storming the castle!
Jul 16, 2014comment
Out of town until Wednesday. PM site and bling ideas :D
Jul 14, 2014comment
Gravity: It's the law.
Jul 7, 2014comment
So's your face.
Jul 7, 2014comment
Almost completely moved in to the new house! Starting to look like people actually live here :D
Jun 27, 2014comment
Achievement Unlocked: Bought a House! :D
Jun 18, 2014comment
Please feel free to PM bling suggestions or site ideas :)
Jun 17, 2014comment
Super exciting week!
Jun 16, 2014comment
Hosting company this weekend. Please feel free to PM any site ideas or questions though!! :)
Jun 13, 2014comment
Big hugs to Fyretygress
Jun 11, 2014comment
Stuff and things...
Jun 10, 2014comment
Time, don't let it slip away, raise your drinkin' glass, here's to yesterday...
Jun 9, 2014comment
Go, Go Godzilla!
May 23, 2014comment
Finally getting back to "normal"... as if there were such a thing.
May 19, 2014comment
It appears I have a stomach virus, anyone want it?
May 13, 2014comment
Stomach bug... ugh....
May 13, 2014comment
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