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Sproet's Status
Happy Bunny Day
15 hrscomment
Receive all 4 Limited Edition Easter Bunnies and unlock the achievement, as well as, earn a Big Bang Bling
3 dayscomment
4 dayscomment
5 dayscomment
Just another manic Monday....
6 dayscomment
Days like this make me wish I kept a bottle of whisky in my desk....
Apr 11, 2014comment
If you'll be my David Bowie, I'll be your Freddie Mercury.
Apr 9, 2014comment
♪ ♫ The lovers, the dreamers, and cheese ♪ ♫
Apr 7, 2014comment
Apr 3, 2014comment
Collect all Five fuKing crowns and earn a Rock Star Bling and the fuKing achievement
Apr 3, 2014comment
Check out the new Dragon Queen bling. Neat!
Apr 3, 2014comment
What do we want? TIME TRAVEL! When do we want it? IT'S IRRELEVANT!
Apr 3, 2014comment
fluffy rated you a '9'!
Mar 26, 2014comment
Antibiotics and steroids... Mmmmm... sick, leave a message.
Mar 21, 2014comment
Double ear and sinus infection. How lucky can I get?!
Mar 20, 2014comment
A blind Sproet walks into a bar... and a chair... and a wall.... Where are my glasses!?
Mar 18, 2014comment
May your day be full of green beer and cheer!
Mar 17, 2014comment
Practicing for one of the world's largest pub crawls Saturday. Out of town until Monday. Happy weekend!!!
Mar 14, 2014comment
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