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Sproet's Status
fluffy rated you a '2'!
5 dayscomment
Apr 19, 2016comment
Hacking cough, super fun!
Apr 11, 2016comment
My show chorus took home third place medals this weekend at regional competition! :D So much fun!
Apr 4, 2016comment
Out of town until Monday. Please leave a PM for any questions or site suggestions.
Mar 31, 2016comment
Note to self: Don't stand on a couch when trying to get the higher ground when fighting a wasp. Gravity will always win.
Mar 21, 2016comment
Overtime and training all week - please PM any questions or site/bling suggestions :)
Mar 16, 2016comment
Internet issues - Please leave a PM
Mar 8, 2016comment
Allergy induced benadryl brain state.
Mar 2, 2016comment
I appreciate the additional day, but did it have to be a Monday?
Feb 29, 2016comment
Benadryl hangover
Feb 25, 2016comment
My hubby is so sweet, he shared his cold with me.
Feb 18, 2016comment
Alternate Youtube tutorial - http://fubar.com/testing-something/b339073-1302711
Feb 15, 2016comment
Always. ♥
Jan 14, 2016comment
It's only forever, not long at all. ♥ Bowie ♥
Jan 12, 2016comment
If you chase robitussin with Diet Cherry 7-up, you're gonna have a bad time.
Jan 6, 2016comment
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