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Sproet's Status
Life would be tragic if it weren't funny.
2 dayscomment
Is it too early for wine?
2 dayscomment
That awkward moment when you have a brain fart and try to delete a file while you're still in a zip folder. Oops?
May 17, 2016comment
You've cat to be kitten me.
May 10, 2016comment
Training today - please leave a PM with any questions or site suggestions you might have.
May 9, 2016comment
May 6, 2016comment
The Sixth Strikes Back
May 6, 2016comment
Revenge of the Fifth.
May 5, 2016comment
May the fourth be with you.
May 4, 2016comment
fluffy rated you a '2'!
Apr 28, 2016comment
Apr 19, 2016comment
Hacking cough, super fun!
Apr 11, 2016comment
My show chorus took home third place medals this weekend at regional competition! :D So much fun!
Apr 4, 2016comment
Out of town until Monday. Please leave a PM for any questions or site suggestions.
Mar 31, 2016comment
Note to self: Don't stand on a couch when trying to get the higher ground when fighting a wasp. Gravity will always win.
Mar 21, 2016comment
Overtime and training all week - please PM any questions or site/bling suggestions :)
Mar 16, 2016comment
Internet issues - Please leave a PM
Mar 8, 2016comment
Allergy induced benadryl brain state.
Mar 2, 2016comment
I appreciate the additional day, but did it have to be a Monday?
Feb 29, 2016comment
Benadryl hangover
Feb 25, 2016comment
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