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Sproet's Status
Live band karaoke and a Garbage concert? Heck yes. ~*Out of town, please leave a PM :) *~
2 dayscomment
VIP users can now change the look of their buzz meter. Check out your settings page under VIP settings on the bottom left :D
2 dayscomment
Pink hair dye is like liquid glitter.... it gets everywhere except where you want it :/
4 dayscomment
Today is the Monday-est Tuesday ever.
5 dayscomment
Random internet outages, leave a PM please. /kicks ISP
6 dayscomment
Audioslave and coffee... Happy Friday everyone
Jul 15, 2016comment
Internet keeps going out :| Please leave a PM
Jul 15, 2016comment
Jul 14, 2016comment
Currently out of town. Please leave a PM. Back Wednesday.
Jul 11, 2016comment
Who has two thumbs and box seats for Ben Folds in September? This lady right here! :D
Jun 29, 2016comment
"Oh good, a morning migraine...." said no one ever.... grrrr
Jun 29, 2016comment
I decided to spice up my life.... so I put cinnamon in my coffee. Whoo!
Jun 28, 2016comment
Fame is the name of the game! Your fame meter is updated in real time based on how many people are showing you love or even just checking you out, compared to everyone else on the site. The more attention you receive, relative to other members, will effect your fame meter in real-time — no waiting for it to update! However, just like in Hollywood — fame doesn't last forever!
Jun 23, 2016comment
I don't care how old I am, heck yes I want dinosaur fruit snacks!
Jun 22, 2016comment
You have cat to be kitten me right meow.
Jun 9, 2016comment
Jun 7, 2016comment
Just another manic Monday....
Jun 6, 2016comment
Out of town until Sunday. Please leave a PM for any site questions or suggestions :D
Jun 3, 2016comment
Are you level 40+, been on fu a year, and drama free? Think you have what it takes to be a bouncer? Come talk to us! :D
Jun 1, 2016comment
Dance magic, dance
May 26, 2016comment
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