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Sproet's Status
Thursday never looking back
1 daycomment
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too...
3 dayscomment
I don't care if Monday's blue...
4 dayscomment
Icky sicky. Bleh.
Oct 11, 2016comment
Channeling Garfield with my anti-Monday stance.
Oct 10, 2016comment
Hurricane party?
Oct 5, 2016comment
Today marks 14 years since I lost my dad.... Hard to believe it's been so long......
Oct 3, 2016comment
Options I didn't know I had in my life: "Twerk back" Check out the new VIP pokes :o
Sep 30, 2016comment
Just once I'd like to see SC in the news for something good :( This is ridiculous :(
Sep 28, 2016comment
Super sweet Star Trek LE bling available now :D
Sep 28, 2016comment
Bouncer Birthday in the house! Happiest Birthday to Year of the Dragon! ♥
Sep 27, 2016comment
Let the pumpkin spice invasion... begin!
Sep 22, 2016comment
At least Monday is over....
Sep 20, 2016comment
Just another manic Monday....
Sep 19, 2016comment
Random internet outages - please leave a PM
Sep 13, 2016comment
Wanna change the world? There's nothing to it. ♥
Aug 29, 2016comment
Neon kitty bling for the win! I almost typed wine.... guess where my mind is?
Aug 18, 2016comment
[insert clever status here]
Aug 18, 2016comment
Half way to the weekend!
Aug 17, 2016comment
Can we have a do-over for the weekend? I'm not ready for Tuesday either.
Aug 16, 2016comment
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