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Sproet's Status
💔 Ghostrider 💔
Jul 13, 2017comment
Where'd the weekend ago? Can we have a do-over?
Jul 3, 2017comment
My husband decided to share his cold with me... how sweet 💀
Jun 30, 2017comment
Classic bling = bling under the CLASSIC tab in the bling shop :)
Jun 28, 2017comment
fluffy rated you an '8'!
Jun 28, 2017comment
Is it the weekend yet?
Jun 15, 2017comment
!! System Notification !! We are doing some maintenance on drink messages. Everything will should go back to normal soon. :)
Jun 13, 2017comment
The best part of waking up is covfefe in your cup.
Jun 1, 2017comment
Homeownership has certainly taught me a few things; for example, yesterday I learned that you can lift a kitchen island with a car jack. True story.
May 30, 2017comment
🎶 No one sings like you anymore 🎶
May 19, 2017comment
Totes mcGoats
May 5, 2017comment
Revenge of the Fifth
May 5, 2017comment
May The Fourth Be With You
May 4, 2017comment
fluffy rated you a '7'! I heard that one time, fluffy rated Scrapper an 11 :o The Legend of Scrapper is real!!
May 2, 2017comment
The Legend of Scrapper is REAL!
Apr 6, 2017comment
fluffy rated you a '6'!
Apr 4, 2017comment
Whoo! Had a blast this weekend and added another medal to my collection. So proud of my chorus!
Apr 3, 2017comment
Out of town until Sunday - Leave a PM please :)
Mar 29, 2017comment
Check out the exotic bling tab for all of your special bling needs :)
Mar 29, 2017comment
The Legend of Scrapper has spoken! http://fubar.com/we-have-restored-the-sanctity-of-fumarriage/b355133-1313567
Mar 22, 2017comment
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