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Sproet's Status
Good news, everyone. I've taught the toaster to feel love.
2 dayscomment
I only just realized today is actually Tuesday, making this the best Monday ever.
3 dayscomment
I owe my immense love of horror movies to Wes Craven. He will be sorely missed.
4 dayscomment
Aug 25, 2015comment
mobile users: REQUEST DESKTOP VIEW http://fubar.com/how-to-get-the-desktop-view-on-your-mobile-device/b355133-1272954
Aug 12, 2015comment
Dear Tuesday, No... just, no.
Aug 11, 2015comment
[insert clever, witty, thought-provoking status here]
Aug 5, 2015comment
Drowning in a sea of spreadsheets and red bull.
Jul 30, 2015comment
Check out the latest about the Anniversary Achievement - http://fubar.com/what-is-the-anniversary-achievement-and-how-do-i-get-it/b355133-1269930
Jul 20, 2015comment
Stuff and things.
Jul 20, 2015comment
Out of town, please leave a message :)
Jul 13, 2015comment
Had a pretty severe technical failure at work, I'll be on when I can - please PM any questions or site/bling ideas.
Jul 6, 2015comment
Crazy busy week - please leave a PM for any fubar questions or suggestions you might have :)
Jul 1, 2015comment
June 24, 2015: Starting Thursday 6/25 the 9AM-11PM Happy Hours will be awards. To receive one, be in the top 10 ranked members the previous day, top 4 achievement point earners the previous day, or invite the most friends the previous day. These may change. -- babyjesus
Jun 24, 2015comment
Fubar 4th of July contest! Check it! http://fubar.com/fubar-july-4th-photo-contest/b355133-1265671
Jun 23, 2015comment
June 19, 2015: Removed ability to purchase Happy Hours w/ credits after 6/25. Fubuck purchases still the same. Other slots will be given away as rewards... -- babyjesus
Jun 19, 2015comment
I'm having a week full of Mondays.....
Jun 18, 2015comment
Met AllegedlyAsh last night! Had a blast! Yet another fu-friendship that made its way into real life :D
Jun 15, 2015comment
So far this month I've gotten an additional job title and a raise. Not too shabby.
Jun 9, 2015comment
Training, training, training - work is so time consuming, they should pay me for it or something :p Please leave a PM for any site questions or bling suggestions.
May 27, 2015comment
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