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Sproet's Status
UPDATE: Betsy is now a burger, she won't be back.... but she looks delicious.
16 hrscomment
Betsy is now a hamburger... a beautiful, delicious hamburger.
16 hrscomment
Mondays should be outlawed.
1 daycomment
Who has two thumbs and tickets to see Lewis Black tonight? This lady :D
2 dayscomment
Congrats to fu's newest grandfather, Bouncer Deadley! :D
4 dayscomment
Always look on the bright side of life. *whistles*
4 dayscomment
Ground Control to Major Tom
4 dayscomment
fluffy rated you a '4'!
Apr 13, 2015comment
+7,500% bonus points using Cherry Bomb bling! +565% bonus points for Likes!
Apr 10, 2015comment
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