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UberZomBie's Status
Irish for the day!
Mar 17, 2014comment
Feb 7, 2014comment
Hey Guys! We've giving out advanced notice for sales on our iPhone and Android apps! Get the app, Get the bling, Share the love!
Nov 6, 2013comment
I had a dream last night that I was getting guitar lessons from Matt Skiba and Derek Grant. Can I go back to sleep?
Oct 17, 2013comment
What happened to the Niners!?
Sep 25, 2013comment
Smooth Sailing from here on out.
Jul 22, 2013comment
The bird is the word
Jul 15, 2013comment
Hump day means tomorrow isn't the weekend... Either is the day after :(
Jul 10, 2013comment
Mondays suck!
Jul 1, 2013comment
Why is it harder to wake up when your car is in a 7:30am tow zone?
Jun 26, 2013comment
Jun 25, 2013comment
Jun 18, 2013comment
Woke up this morning, couldn't find my car. I forgot I parked it 2 blocks away. Damn parking...
Jun 13, 2013comment
If a murmaid is a woman, is a murbutler a man?
Jun 4, 2013comment
Cherry Bombs!
May 17, 2013comment
Checking out the fubar app!
May 8, 2013comment
How do they make Bubble Wrap?
May 2, 2013comment
Hey, I've survived Vegas 5 times! Personal Best
Apr 1, 2013comment
Well, time to go make bad decisions.
Mar 28, 2013comment
Irish hangover cure, don't stop drinking
Mar 18, 2013comment
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