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UberZomBie's Status
It's hard to get going in the Summer. Summer days are inherently lazy, why fight the tide?
Jul 30, 2015comment
I wanna be a balla, shot calla, 20" blades on the Impala
May 20, 2015comment
Friday is here!
May 15, 2015comment
Hey Everyone, My sister is running for Ms. Vintage USA, could you follow the link and like the picture? https://www.facebook.com/1940sBall/photos/a.889843671054411.1073741855.103322139706572/889948501043928/?type=1&theater
May 6, 2015comment
Yikes time is flying.
Feb 3, 2015comment
Holy crap it's almost February
Jan 29, 2015comment
Have a fun New Year everyone!
Dec 31, 2014comment
What's Up fubar!
Dec 3, 2014comment
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Nov 25, 2014comment
This week has gone by so fast! Happy Friday!
Nov 14, 2014comment
Monday's suck!
Nov 10, 2014comment
Dreamhack weekend on the horizon!
Sep 25, 2014comment
Hump Day!
Sep 24, 2014comment
Not Humpday anymore!
Sep 18, 2014comment
Hump Day!
Sep 17, 2014comment
Oktoberfest is looming. Time to get obliterated.
Sep 4, 2014comment
Back from Labor Day Holy Moley it's good to be back
Sep 3, 2014comment
Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words.
Jul 23, 2014comment
Monday's Suck
Jul 14, 2014comment
It's pretty exciting that tomorrow is fauxFriday for some Americans.
Jul 2, 2014comment
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