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UberZomBie's Status
Eight years.... Wow
May 29, 2018comment
How is everyone doing?
Feb 9, 2018comment
Is this working?
Nov 18, 2017comment
Gobble Gobble?
Nov 15, 2017comment
Breast Cancer Awareness Month! DREAMHACK COMING! Halloween around the corner!
Oct 5, 2017comment
August is already here, wtf happened to the year
Jul 31, 2017comment
RIP Ghost the bouncer :(
Jul 13, 2017comment
National Mojito day! 7-11
Jul 11, 2017comment
How is 2017 going?
Jan 5, 2017comment
Tis'n't the season...?
Nov 8, 2016comment
Tis the season
Nov 1, 2016comment
Do you think I could go as a ghost for Halloween and just stay home?
Oct 26, 2016comment
Fall is here.... or as I like to call it.... Fall
Sep 27, 2016comment
Back to the hustle!
Sep 7, 2016comment
Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Sep 1, 2016comment
EPIC BBQ this weekend!
Jul 8, 2016comment
I need to change my status more often...
May 23, 2016comment
Friday the 13th!!
May 13, 2016comment
how's it going fu?
Mar 14, 2016comment
Dec 18, 2015comment
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