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Crissy's Status
Oct 1, 2014comment
tired of being sick. ; (
Sep 8, 2014comment
Falling blah.....
Nov 4, 2013comment
Having one of those days. Need some love please.
Mar 9, 2012comment
Time for work. Back to play tonight when i get home.
Mar 2, 2012comment
Home. Had such a great weekend with 20 great kids. Time to start playing again.
Feb 26, 2012comment
Off to a retreat with our middle schoolers. see you all on sunday evening.
Feb 24, 2012comment
Need to be bombed 5 times... anyone care to help a girl out please!
Feb 24, 2012comment
Almost ready to level anyone care to help a girl out please.
Feb 23, 2012comment
Almost there..... Help a girl out please and so me some love.
Feb 23, 2012comment
Thank you for all the love everyone.
Feb 17, 2012comment
All i want to do is walk with out being in pain lol
Feb 12, 2012comment
So i fell and busted my ass on the ice. Then i busted my ass in the snow twice. Thank you for the tree behind me or i would of been falling backwards down the snow embankment.
Feb 12, 2012comment
Time to go play in the snow with my church:)
Feb 12, 2012comment
thnk u
Feb 11, 2012comment
all i need is for someone to pimp me out. please help and level me
Feb 11, 2012comment
RIP Whitney Houston.
Feb 11, 2012comment
Needing to be pimped out. Thank you to all who helped me today
Feb 11, 2012comment
So i need to have my buzzed killed and pimped out.
Feb 11, 2012comment
Anybody willing to help a girl out so she can level please :)
Feb 11, 2012comment
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