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WeldingAngel rl wf Terryljohn's Status
Going to be gone most of the day, going stir crazy.
3 dayscomment
Woot tomorrow ( Friday ) is the last day for my radiation, thank you for all the prayers and well wishes ♥
Oct 12, 2017comment
I start my radiation Monday for my breast cancer it's twice a day for a week, wish me luck.
Oct 4, 2017comment
I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers, my Doctor told me the breast cancer I had has a 97.8% survival rate and I wont have to have chemo only radiation. Such good news.
Aug 24, 2017comment
Surgery went great.
Aug 14, 2017comment
Surgery in the morning to remove the mass.
Aug 10, 2017comment
I went in for a breast biopsy and we got the results , it's cancer. We found it early, but please prayer for me thank you.
Aug 1, 2017comment
RIP Coco....
Jul 14, 2017comment
Jan 31, 2017comment
I add everyone that Fan's me and I always Fan back ♥
Jan 16, 2017comment
Sep 16, 2016comment
Like me .................
Sep 9, 2016comment
Like me ..................
Sep 9, 2016comment
Aug 30, 2016comment
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