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Brneyes2cuRLM2RustyRL's Status
Whoot whoot...FRIDAY!!!! :)
22 hrscomment
Well the tree is up and decorations out and it's starting to look like Christmas!!
2 dayscomment
Busy, busy...hanging with my grandson...so much fun!!!
3 dayscomment
So glad it's almost Tuesday...
4 dayscomment
Go Chiefs beat those Donkeys.
5 dayscomment
Hey show some love for MTCOWBOY who is hosting the Happy Hour....rate, like, fan....
5 dayscomment
woohoo almost time for the KC Chiefs vs. the Denver Broncos game...GOOOO CHIEFS!!!!!
5 dayscomment
Thanks to everyone that helped me get 3000 likes today!!! Awesome!!
6 dayscomment
Let's do it again....need 3,000 likes please...come show some love again....everything's going....
6 dayscomment
Trying to get 3000 likes today....please come visit me!!!
6 dayscomment
Looking for bling to polish...just send me a link and I will do them. Thx!!! :)
Nov 25, 2016comment
Black Friday...ummm never!!!
Nov 25, 2016comment
Happy Thanksgiving......
Nov 24, 2016comment
Happy Tuesday!!!
Nov 15, 2016comment
Whoop Whoop It's Football Sunday...Go Chiefs!!!
Nov 13, 2016comment
Hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend!!
Nov 11, 2016comment
Hope everyone else has a fabulous Wednesday!!
Nov 10, 2016comment
YES!!!! The American voter has spoken and President Trump is elected...
Nov 9, 2016comment
Today is the day that Americans take back this country to make it great again....Vote.....Go Trump!!!!
Nov 8, 2016comment
This middle aged, college educated woman supports Donald Trump for our next President....
Nov 7, 2016comment
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