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Brneyes2cuRLM2Rusty's Status
Happy New Year....I hope it is a wonderful year for everyone!!
Dec 31, 2017comment
What is a Power Hour? It's an achievement just don't know what it means...
Mar 7, 2017comment
It's Sat_ur_day...woohoo....have fun and enjoy your weekend...hugzz. :)
Mar 4, 2017comment
So here's one for ya.....I sign on today and see I got a messsage from a man that is a cross dresser asking me if I would prefer him in a dress or a skirt....I don't respond because I am not on at the time so he waits 5 minutes and then proceeds to tell me that I am an old bag loser, land an old hag and then lmao....I'm not going to say who he is but here's your response....I don't really care if you wear a dress or a skirt....there's your response, have a nice day, you are no friend I want to associate with andI hope you feel real good about yourself for that comment ....lol....
Mar 3, 2017comment
Bombing is done.....you're welcome to everyone I bombed..
Mar 2, 2017comment
Bombing twice in a few....1st for newbies 2nd family and sb...send me a link and I'll get with 2nd bomb.....thx!!
Mar 2, 2017comment
Rained last night and today everything is clean and fresh...have a great day!!
Mar 1, 2017comment
Good night my Fu-friends!!
Feb 28, 2017comment
Bombing Newbies to level then will bomb others if I have time
Feb 28, 2017comment
Have not been around due to the flu....feeling better but really tired....hate being sick!!! Yuck!!
Feb 26, 2017comment
Well made it half way through...Happy Wednesday!!
Feb 22, 2017comment
It's Monday.....only four more days to the weekend!!! Enjoy!!
Feb 20, 2017comment
Hey all I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday......
Feb 19, 2017comment
Thanks everyone for all the help....today is my grandson #3 4th birthday and we're having a party!!!
Feb 18, 2017comment
Reset 11's....hit me again!!!
Feb 17, 2017comment
Hoping everyone is having a great week!!
Feb 15, 2017comment
Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!
Feb 14, 2017comment
Remembering before cell phones and driving down road with music blaring enjoying life and living it no phone pairing or ringing lol....Happy Monday to all!!
Feb 13, 2017comment
65 today what a change. I wore sandals today lol. lovin the weather!!!
Feb 10, 2017comment
Brrrr....cold today.....;)
Feb 9, 2017comment
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