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Brneyes2cuRLM2RustyRL's Status
Hey all I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday......
14 hrscomment
Thanks everyone for all the help....today is my grandson #3 4th birthday and we're having a party!!!
1 daycomment
Reset 11's....hit me again!!!
1 daycomment
Hoping everyone is having a great week!!
4 dayscomment
Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!
5 dayscomment
Remembering before cell phones and driving down road with music blaring enjoying life and living it no phone pairing or ringing lol....Happy Monday to all!!
6 dayscomment
65 today what a change. I wore sandals today lol. lovin the weather!!!
Feb 10, 2017comment
Brrrr....cold today.....;)
Feb 9, 2017comment
The sun's coming out and it's going to be awesome today!!
Feb 6, 2017comment
Hey there my Fu-friends. Hope you're having a nice weekend!!! It's chilly here today....
Feb 4, 2017comment
Okay just saying...so I'm getting really tired of being licked...please don't or I will be forced to bitch slap you...lol!! Have a nice weekend!!! ;)
Feb 3, 2017comment
Good Morning....if you SB me and I don't answer it's because I'm rating pics.....
Feb 1, 2017comment
Tuesday....play nice and have a fun safe, day....a lot of crazies out there!! ;)
Jan 31, 2017comment
Yep it's Monday.....
Jan 30, 2017comment
Already Sunday.....weekends are waaayyy toooo short, lol!! Have a wonderful day my Fu-friends!!
Jan 29, 2017comment
Finally Friday......here's to the weekend...woohoo!!
Jan 27, 2017comment
It's Wednesday....halfway to Friday.....whoot whoot...:)
Jan 25, 2017comment
Now that I am awake.....Go Steelers beat the Patriots!!!
Jan 22, 2017comment
Go Packers....beat the Patriots!!
Jan 22, 2017comment
Woo-hoo Inauguration today!!!! Awesome....have a great Friday!!
Jan 20, 2017comment
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