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carebearess's Status
Happy Friday! Whoop!
Mar 13, 2015comment
Dec 4, 2014comment
Oct 28, 2014comment
Happy 2014!!
Jan 3, 2014comment
who wants to be owned?
Oct 31, 2013comment
raindrops keep falling on my head
Nov 30, 2012comment
why are people stupid??
Feb 29, 2012comment
2012 will be the best year ever...especially since it's MY year - year of the dragon
Jan 6, 2012comment
finally, the fubar iphone app!
Sep 22, 2011comment
why's fluffy gotta rate me a 1?!
Apr 4, 2011comment
grrrr...some people just need to get their ass beat!
Mar 18, 2011comment
yay to 2011!
Jan 3, 2011comment
ho ho ho! happy holidays :D
Dec 22, 2010comment
someone thinks you are an asshat
Oct 29, 2010comment
Oct 15, 2010comment
Toot it and Boot it!! I love it!
Oct 13, 2010comment
i like everyone. well...most. well...just some.
Oct 11, 2010comment
dislikers are just haters
Sep 30, 2010comment
it's funny how you just can't help but stare at a train wreck
Sep 23, 2010comment
happy fist pump!
Aug 17, 2010comment
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