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KIDKO34's Status
Why is it so hard to find a good woman ?!?!?!?
May 27, 2013comment
What to do, What to do? I'm bored
May 14, 2011comment
Back at home in Fort Bragg and bored as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 9, 2010comment
Damn I'm bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 7, 2010comment
What to do, What to do?????????????????
Nov 5, 2010comment
Moved to Fort Bragg and bored now. What to do, what to do. Help!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 9, 2010comment
Blowing smoke rings in the dark.................
Oct 2, 2010comment
In Fort Bragg glad it's finally cooling down
Sep 9, 2010comment
I had a great birthday weekend party, party, party !!!!!!!!!!
Aug 23, 2010comment
At Fort Bragg and wish I could sleep it's gonna be a long day tomorrow or should I say today lol
Jul 27, 2010comment
Name:_______________ Number:_______________ text messaging (yes or no): ______ picture messaging (yes or no) _________ I dare you to copy and paste this if your not scared!!! See how many numbers you get
Jul 27, 2010comment
Finally made it to Fort Bragg. Now time to put in some work
Jul 26, 2010comment
Back to fort bragg I go
Jul 25, 2010comment
It's hot as hell out. I think I'm gonna hook up and head out hit the lake for a while.
Jul 23, 2010comment
Headed to Fort Bragg in the morning wooo hooo I;m gonna get my ass kicked lol
Jul 18, 2010comment
This big ole country boy is bored as hell someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 15, 2010comment
In Fort Bragg for a week oh fun fun
Jul 3, 2010comment
HMMMM what to do tonight? any ideas?
Jun 19, 2010comment
Trying to find something to do I'm bored
Jun 19, 2010comment
Happy easter ya'll I'm going rabbit hunting lol jk. I'm hitting the lake for some fishing
Apr 3, 2010comment
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