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I set my friends on fire's Status
Nazi punks FUCK OFF
Aug 14, 2017comment
난 좀 쩔어
Jun 11, 2017comment
The 4 stages of ejaculate: Pre-cum, cum, post-cum, cumstep. Have a great lunch, everyone.
Jun 2, 2017comment
Anyone excited for world war 3?
Apr 16, 2017comment
Tune in for the season finale of "America"! BYOB and lots of it.
Nov 8, 2016comment
Black Mirror: Incredibly depressing.
Oct 27, 2016comment
New profile picture means one thing: I blue myself.
Aug 12, 2016comment
Happy birthday to me!
Jul 12, 2016comment
Game of Thrones was PURE awesome. So much hype :3
Jun 19, 2016comment
Ahh yes, Voting day! America is the only insane asylum run by the patients, but only under the influence of corporate medication.
Jun 7, 2016comment
New job with a $10k/yr pay bump? Yes please :3
Apr 6, 2016comment
Seems I have caught the death that's been circulating around. Day 4... go!
Mar 8, 2016comment
Well, I think I won my case. We shall see in a week!
Feb 24, 2016comment
Apparently I need to be bought in fu-Owned 5 times in a 24 hour period. fu-Owned Purchases must be done consecutively with no dis-owns inbetween. Must be bought by 5 *different* people!
Feb 13, 2016comment
Woo! Just filed my first lawsuit. I've leveled up as an American.
Dec 17, 2015comment
Everyone seriously needs to get a vaporizer. These things are amazing.
Aug 11, 2015comment
One year older today. Can we slow down time, now?
Jul 12, 2015comment
You know what's tiring? Every time the $15/hr minimum wage debate comes up, people like to bring up that a poor E-3 enlisted in the military makes "this paltry amount" without also factoring in: Provided housing, medical, dental, vision, food, PTO. I get it. Assholes need a group to look down on, and who better than the "dumb asses at the drive through who can't get your order right because LULZ MORONS", but... you're still an asshole for thinking that someone working full-time should have to suffer through poverty because you somehow think that whatever bullshit you do is more important than their job. No one working full-time should live at the poverty line. Period.
Jul 7, 2015comment
Wow, it's a terrible month to be a regressive fuckwad. The ACA is upheld, a symbol of slavery is removed from statehouses, and now the courts have ruled that people can get married despite whatever it says in whatever book of fairytale bullshit they believe in. Now if we could just filter all their tears into potable water, we could fix this drought issue!
Jun 26, 2015comment
Awww yeah. Yet another promotion at work :D
Oct 29, 2014comment
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