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I set my friends on fire's Status
Wow, it's a terrible month to be a regressive fuckwad. The ACA is upheld, a symbol of slavery is removed from statehouses, and now the courts have ruled that people can get married despite whatever it says in whatever book of fairytale bullshit they believe in. Now if we could just filter all their tears into potable water, we could fix this drought issue!
Jun 26, 2015comment
Awww yeah. Yet another promotion at work :D
Oct 29, 2014comment
Apparently I need to update my status. This should work.
Jun 4, 2014comment
Another Valentines Massacre day survived!
Feb 15, 2014comment
Holy hell, Breaking Bad is intense.
Sep 15, 2013comment
Fuck Zimmerman and the justice system in Florida. Pitiful.
Jul 14, 2013comment
Fuck yea! DOMA overturned! Bigots fuck off!
Jun 26, 2013comment
One more apocalypse over with!
Dec 22, 2012comment
Nov 7, 2012comment
Less than 6 hours left of my 20's. I don't want to be 30 :(
Jul 11, 2012comment
Nice to see that it didn't take the site too long to find a way to make money off of MCA's death. Sad and tragic.
May 4, 2012comment
This site really has some of the worst conversationalists IN THE WORLD. One worded responses? I've had deeper conversations with spam bots.
Feb 12, 2012comment
People of the internet world: It's "YOUR/YOU'RE", not FUCKING "UR". That's only acceptable if you're 12, and even then you're still a moron.
Dec 13, 2011comment
Bling whores are pathetic. That is all.
Aug 30, 2011comment
Every time a musician dies at 27, Keith Richards gets 27 years added to his life.
Jul 24, 2011comment
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Jul 12, 2011comment
I'm So Meta Even This Acronym.
Jun 29, 2011comment
Ugh. I don't care about your fucking lounges. Peddle your hillbilly ho-down somewhere else.
Jun 16, 2011comment
Ugh. Fubar is acting more retarded than usual today.
Jun 8, 2011comment
I've fixed 3 PS3's and one PSP in the last 3 days. I'm on a fucking roll.
May 27, 2011comment
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