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Jersey Girl's Status
Saturday scrolling.
1 daycomment
The cupid arrow gifts I'm asking for is in the gift shop no a bling.
1 daycomment
Hey, wanna send me some cupid arrow gifts from the gift shop please?
2 dayscomment
2 dayscomment
2 dayscomment
It's like no love Thursday. WTF?
3 dayscomment
I could use a cherry bomb and make is rain bling. Just saying.
4 dayscomment
Pasta and garlic bread for dinner. No need to go out in the hustle of all the lovebirds for a crappy, rushed dinner. Happy Valentine's Day all!
5 dayscomment
Happy Valentine's Day FUBAR!
6 dayscomment
Another shop day. Hopefully my truck will be running strong again. Till tune up day in a few weeks. Love shop time!
Feb 12, 2017comment
I'm way to fucked up to even think.
Feb 11, 2017comment
Shop since 9:30 this morning working on van. Good times though.
Feb 11, 2017comment
So much love today! Thank you! :)
Feb 11, 2017comment
Maxed out and stressed. I need love!
Feb 10, 2017comment
I love checking into my FUBAR and seeing bling from some of the sweetest members I've gotten to know. Y'all are the cutest!
Feb 9, 2017comment
wtf now! My truck needs a water pump.
Feb 8, 2017comment
I need Bling, rockstar and boomer please. Tired of being bedridden. Need something to do.
Feb 6, 2017comment
Where's all the love?
Feb 5, 2017comment
Hello FUBAR! How's everyone doing today!
Feb 5, 2017comment
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Gotta find a few extra credits plus to get another boomer and rockstar. Did good tonight. Thank you all!
Feb 4, 2017comment
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