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Jersey Girl's Status
I'm here!
3 dayscomment
So I'm kinda back, think I'll stay for a while. Who missed me?
5 dayscomment
Broken, beat down and tired. The past two days have wrecked me.
Jun 22, 2016comment
Jun 19, 2016comment
Jun 15, 2016comment
Hey all!
Jun 14, 2016comment
This Monday turned out to be a fantastic day with my cousin and his and my kids!
Jun 13, 2016comment
Yup, Monday hits again and I'm off today. Go figure.
Jun 13, 2016comment
Nite Fu
Jun 12, 2016comment
I'm so lost. Put my heart out and I'm not sure if it was accepted. Who's online? Who needs Pimpouts, shitfaced or polishing? Gonna be a long night for me. No work tomorrow.
Jun 12, 2016comment
Falling in love is easy, staying in love is hard. Finds someone who keeps you interested, interests keep love alive.
Jun 12, 2016comment
Finally going to bed! Fantastic night/party!
Jun 12, 2016comment
shitfaced in real life!
Jun 11, 2016comment
I called it. Busting my ass all day, working hard and said I probably wouldn't get to bed till almost 1am. Then gotta be up early to go into work. Yay! Hopefully I don't fall apart.
Jun 10, 2016comment
So fucking over this bullshit!
Jun 10, 2016comment
Good Morning Fubar!
Jun 10, 2016comment
Holy hell, is no one online tonight?
Jun 8, 2016comment
Finally home! Long ass day.
Jun 8, 2016comment
Off to work I go. Gotta do a homecheck after work for a puppy that found a new home and then gotta make an appearance at a friend's carshow. Busy day.
Jun 8, 2016comment
Think my heart just fell apart. Be back later, maybe.
Jun 7, 2016comment
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