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Jersey Girl's Status
Hey all!! Happy New Year! Long time no see!
Jan 1, 2016comment
Sep 30, 2015comment
Fans and Friends accepted! Its been awhile since I've been on this much. A lot of my family have left the game. ߘ
Jul 24, 2015comment
Jan 16, 2014comment
Wishing I knew what to do right now. To many thoughts. Hello all!
Jan 9, 2014comment
Happy New Year to all!! Spending mine with my babies watching Despicable Me 2 till we all fall asleep. Be safe and don't drink and drive! 2014.is gonna be my year!
Dec 31, 2013comment
Happy New Years to you all!! May not be able to get on till after. Hoping for 2014 to be my best year! Goodbye horrible 2013!
Dec 30, 2013comment
Looking forward to 2014!
Dec 26, 2013comment
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!
Dec 25, 2013comment
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
Dec 16, 2013comment
It's offical, I passed! Now finally a HS Graduate!
Jun 10, 2013comment
I think it's bed time for me. Nite all!
May 19, 2013comment
Well that was fun for an hour. Got my mind off of things, not back to the heartbreak. So tired of this shit day in and out.
May 19, 2013comment
Cherry bomb today?? Maybe that will get me some likes. Need to make this 2500 mark.
May 19, 2013comment
need some drinks please...Thanks
May 19, 2013comment
Well I now know who my 4-5 loyal friends are. Hence why I don't visit fubar as much, plus its a bore.
May 16, 2013comment
shitface please
May 16, 2013comment
Need a rockstar or two to level this beast.
Apr 25, 2013comment
Hi all! :-)
Apr 21, 2013comment
Shitface please!
Apr 21, 2013comment
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