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Jersey Girl's Status
I haven't been this drunk in a LONG time!
2 dayscomment
Happy Birthday To Me! :)
3 dayscomment
Not sure why a day before my birthday I decide to take home improvement jobs. Painting my living room with a beautiful accent wall. I love it but am exhausted and just within reaches of being done. lol
4 dayscomment
I'm starting to think that I will never, ever level up. Been stuck here so long. :(
Oct 12, 2016comment
Up way to early today to deal with life. Blah!
Oct 12, 2016comment
Polish my bling!
Oct 9, 2016comment
Bling! I'll take it so you can score the points. Lol
Oct 8, 2016comment
I will gladly accept being so you can get your extra points. :)
Oct 7, 2016comment
Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning! House and yard are almost ready for winter. Love you my peeps here on Fubar!
Oct 7, 2016comment
OK, now I need H2o, coolers of beer and glasses of wine sent. Not sure of how many each. It's for that achievement.
Oct 3, 2016comment
Can y'all send me 50 fuweisers?
Oct 1, 2016comment
Sep 26, 2016comment
Rainy day. :(
Sep 19, 2016comment
Renaissance Fair and Cow Town Rodeo today. I'm beat but so realized cowboys are so much hotter! :)
Sep 17, 2016comment
Someone said I'd be more fun to hang out with cause I'm weird. I'll admit it, I am. But that's what makes people love me. lol
Sep 14, 2016comment
Have a great day all!
Sep 14, 2016comment
Goodnight and sweet dreams. Show some love while I'm dreaming.
Sep 13, 2016comment
Good Evening Fu land!
Sep 13, 2016comment
Just one of them days..
Sep 13, 2016comment
I need a nap. This morning was way to much for me. To much running around and child attitudes from my kids.
Sep 12, 2016comment
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