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Jersey Girl's Status
Have to be at hospital by 8:15 for surgery. If my posts go a lil funky or weird tomorrow it's the drugs, I swear. lol
2 hrscomment
Hey Fubar could you fix the glitches in the phone app please? It's extremely annoying.
8 hrscomment
Watching Beauty and the Beast, the one in theaters right now. Where is love like that. My heart breaks so much more knowing I don't have that and I would give my all to that one special person. Rant over.
19 hrscomment
Trying to get all my pre surgery chores done and I'm over it already.
1 daycomment
My turtle passed away. Sounds silly but I loved her.
2 dayscomment
2 dayscomment
Miss many of you. Will have lots of time after Tuesdays surgery to catch up and give out much needed lovins.
4 dayscomment
Good Morning All!
5 dayscomment
Surgery next Tuesday, gonna need lots of shit to keep me occupied.
6 dayscomment
Apr 17, 2017comment
Happy Easter All!
Apr 16, 2017comment
Feeling really sleepy. Still no blings given from my eggs yet. come test your luck!
Apr 15, 2017comment
Hey YOU! Stop on by!
Apr 15, 2017comment
Come visit my page! Get those eggs and all the other love buttons!
Apr 15, 2017comment
Be back in a lil while. Detailing my truck inside and out! Please come test your Bunny luck on my page. Will give all you lovins later.
Apr 15, 2017comment
Good Afternoon! Come test your Easter Egg search on my page. So far no blings have been given from mine.
Apr 15, 2017comment
Good Morning Fu-land! It's gonna be a great day to search for Easter Eggs! My page still hasn't given a Easter Bunny Bling yet! Keep trying!
Apr 15, 2017comment
My bed is calling. Goodnight and sweet dreams all! Keep touching my eggs, someone is bound to get a bunny bling.
Apr 14, 2017comment
No one has received a bunny bling from my profile yet! Keep trying!
Apr 14, 2017comment
Come get my eggs! One of them has got to be lucky for someone!
Apr 14, 2017comment
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