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Jersey Girl's Status
Here. Feeling shitty. Sucks when shit surfaces and cuts you like a knife.
5 hrscomment
I just don't care anymore. Desperate need of sleep.
1 daycomment
Good and bad day. Car sold, refrigerator quitting on me. lol Good thing for good friends. Getting a smaller fridge for free instead of having to put out a fortune for a new one.
4 dayscomment
I would like to wish my Family and Friends a Happy Thanksgiving! Be a blessing to someone and be blessed. Hugs to you all!
Nov 23, 2016comment
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. My hope that each of you have someone to spend the day with enjoying good food and company.
Nov 22, 2016comment
Happy Tuesday all!
Nov 15, 2016comment
here and there...
Nov 7, 2016comment
just one of them days....
Nov 2, 2016comment
Good Night/Morning! few drinks needed please.
Oct 31, 2016comment
Happy Halloween!!
Oct 31, 2016comment
Lazy Saturday..
Oct 29, 2016comment
Tired and sick... boo!
Oct 25, 2016comment
I haven't been this drunk in a LONG time!
Oct 23, 2016comment
Happy Birthday To Me! :)
Oct 21, 2016comment
Not sure why a day before my birthday I decide to take home improvement jobs. Painting my living room with a beautiful accent wall. I love it but am exhausted and just within reaches of being done. lol
Oct 20, 2016comment
I'm starting to think that I will never, ever level up. Been stuck here so long. :(
Oct 12, 2016comment
Up way to early today to deal with life. Blah!
Oct 12, 2016comment
Polish my bling!
Oct 9, 2016comment
Bling! I'll take it so you can score the points. Lol
Oct 8, 2016comment
I will gladly accept being so you can get your extra points. :)
Oct 7, 2016comment
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