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Jersey Girl's Status
And it's one of those days. Let's see what else I can do.
1 hrcomment
Still in need of many Fuwisers for acheivment purposes. Thanks! :)
22 hrscomment
Craving the security and comfort of a man. Being independent sucks sometimes. I'll be over it in a few hours. Somebody will piss me off and bring me back to reality. Lol
22 hrscomment
If you stop by my page can I ask you to send me a Fuwiser? Trying to clear up a few achievements. Thanks!
1 daycomment
Day 3 of very little sleep. Exhausted beyond words. Don't hold me accountable for the actions or words that may happen. I'm heading into delirious mode.
1 daycomment
Most excellent day even though I'm extremely exhausted. Hopefully sleep will be just as excellent tonight.
1 daycomment
Feeling much better!
3 dayscomment
Sorry I haven't been on much. Very sick and it's not letting up.
6 dayscomment
Snow!! Yay!
Jan 7, 2017comment
Snow!! Finally!
Jan 5, 2017comment
Sometimes, we need to be hurt in order to grow. We must lose in order to gain. Sometimes, some lessons are learned best through pain.
Jan 4, 2017comment
It's time to move forward.
Jan 4, 2017comment
That amazing moment when someone takes you in there arms and you forget all your stresses, fears and anxieties. Yeah, have no clue what that's like. lol
Jan 3, 2017comment
I honestly pray that I can find my rock this year. Someone I can lean on, talk to and be my biggest fan and supporter and value love. I'm tired of being the only person I can rely on.
Jan 2, 2017comment
Happy New Year's all! Be safe and please don't drink and drive.
Dec 31, 2016comment
Night is coming to a close. I'm drunk as we celebrated my sister's 40th tonight. Amazing evening!
Dec 30, 2016comment
New Year's is approaching, ready for this year to be over.
Dec 29, 2016comment
Dec 27, 2016comment
Thank God it's over! I survived another holiday. Kids are happy which means I'm happy. Now to relax.
Dec 25, 2016comment
Santa arrived, kids opened presents and now it's nap time for me till I gotta start cooking. Merry Christmas!
Dec 25, 2016comment
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