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Jersey Girl's Status
Baking! Stress release.
1 daycomment
3 dayscomment
All these "new updates" and I still can't polish more then 10 bling without an error message coming up. Great job FU!
May 17, 2017comment
May 17, 2017comment
Gotta get me an auto 11.
May 16, 2017comment
Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's!
May 14, 2017comment
I give up!
May 13, 2017comment
What's up bitches!! I'm in rare form tonight. lol
May 11, 2017comment
Hello all!!
May 11, 2017comment
How much can one heart really take.
May 10, 2017comment
How is everyone tonight?
May 10, 2017comment
Just one of them days.....Need love!
May 10, 2017comment
Stitches came out today. Most painful stitch removal I've ever been through. Cried like a baby.
May 10, 2017comment
Seriously need a break!
May 8, 2017comment
Definitely a Sunday do nothing day!
May 7, 2017comment
Be on later to rate and like. Busy Catching up on cleaning and bleaching.
May 6, 2017comment
Friday night, sitting here watching TV. oh what a life!
May 5, 2017comment
What are you doing on your Friday night?
May 5, 2017comment
Searching for that Cinco De Mayo bling. I've found 2 and profile has given 2.
May 4, 2017comment
Exhausted! Meds got me like Whoa!
May 4, 2017comment
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