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SilkyBubbles's Status
Its a whole bottle of wine type of day
Aug 22, 2016comment
Is it Friday yet?
Nov 3, 2015comment
Ready for Halloween :)
Oct 28, 2015comment
8 years on fubar..........thats nuts
Oct 19, 2015comment
Hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day :)
Sep 7, 2015comment
Sep 4, 2015comment
Yawn.....think its nap time
Aug 25, 2015comment
And its back to the ball and grind starting tomorrow :/
Aug 4, 2015comment
Vacation starts now!!!!
May 26, 2015comment
Likes, likes likes......I need likes LOL
May 21, 2015comment
163 of 500 likes.......need your likes please
May 21, 2015comment
151 of 500 likes again LOL
May 21, 2015comment
Need lots of likes
May 21, 2015comment
224 of 500 likes
May 20, 2015comment
209 of 500 likes
May 20, 2015comment
need your likes please
May 20, 2015comment
Need lots of likes :)
May 20, 2015comment
Is it Friday yet?
May 20, 2015comment
Had a awesome birthday with my family and friends
May 19, 2015comment
So close yet not close enough. My likes reset lol
May 16, 2015comment
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