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SilkyBubbles's Status
Its that time..........time for a new tattoo :)
Apr 19, 2015comment
Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year
Jan 6, 2015comment
Guess what day it is??
Dec 11, 2013comment
Wow 6 years on Fu
Dec 6, 2013comment
Your gonna miss me when Im gone.....
Aug 22, 2013comment
Off to the lake to go water skiing. have a great day everyone :)
Jun 30, 2013comment
Happy Birthday to me :)
May 17, 2013comment
Is Spring Break over yet?
Apr 8, 2013comment
Peek a boo....I see you :)
Apr 1, 2013comment
Aug 2, 2012comment
Ready for my Friday :)
Aug 1, 2012comment
Im back :)
Jul 26, 2012comment
Its my birthday and I can get drunk if I want too :)
May 17, 2012comment
Hmmmm what to do for my birthday??
May 16, 2012comment
Internet hopefully fixed :/
May 7, 2012comment
Ohhhh I need the Midnight Taurus :) I am a Taurus after all LOL
Apr 27, 2012comment
Hanging out in Sarcastic Kaos :)
Apr 26, 2012comment
No internet sucks balls *JFS*
Apr 25, 2012comment
Apr 24, 2012comment
Monday snuck up on me and bite me in the ass
Apr 23, 2012comment
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