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babyjesus's Status
What kind of bling would you like to see more or less of? More flirty stuff? Less sexy stuff? More goofy stuff? Let me know...
Oct 24, 2017comment
Happy Diwali my friends! :-)
Oct 18, 2017comment
Sep 11, 2017comment
Let's do something crazy today... any ideas?
Sep 8, 2017comment
Sep 5, 2017comment
Sep 1, 2017comment
Suggestion - make sure your mobile notifications are enabled if you have the fubar app installed.... :-)
Aug 30, 2017comment
Any particular bugs/issues on fubar you want us to fix over the next day or two?
Aug 22, 2017comment
Hope everyone has a good Sunday!
Aug 13, 2017comment
We've extended the window to collect your free email bling by 24 Hours -- check your inbox/spam folder and try again if you missed out this morning!
Aug 10, 2017comment
All the free beer bling emails have been sent out. If you didn't get one, make sure your email address on your profile is correct and verified and hopefully you get it next time! :D
Aug 10, 2017comment
If you haven't received your email with the free bling item, don't worry.. they're still being sent! :-)
Aug 8, 2017comment
If you want a free bling item and an achievement, make sure your email address on your fubar account works!
Aug 4, 2017comment
Level 68 is now available and the requirements for lower levels has been reduced... :-)
Jul 19, 2017comment
What would you like to see us do on the site next?
Jun 28, 2017comment
Back home from France... had some good fun!
Jun 20, 2017comment
Back home for the week. :D
Jun 6, 2017comment
France is nice this time of year!
May 28, 2017comment
Connecticut is nice this time of year!
May 25, 2017comment
What's up, eh?
May 20, 2017comment
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