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babyjesus's Status
Goodbye fuPony polishing requirement to levelup... should be a bit easier now. :-)
Aug 21, 2013comment
Making some tweaks to the leveling system.. hold onto your boots!
Aug 21, 2013comment
Reduced 12 Hour Whiteknuckler achievement to 6 Hours and the final level 57 Whiteknuckler from 36 hours to 12 Hours. :-)
Aug 7, 2013comment
You can buy Happy Hours at certain times with fubucks now... :-)
Jul 27, 2013comment
Cutting down most of the windowmaker and whiteknuckler achievenment/levelup requirements by half (or more)... :-)
Jul 25, 2013comment
You guys are going to love what tweak we're making in the next day or 2...
Jul 25, 2013comment
Been in Toronto the last week, finally back home!
Jul 22, 2013comment
Like buttons should show up in all tooltips for VIP's now..
Jun 25, 2013comment
Number of bouncer checks you see should be greatly reduced...
Jun 24, 2013comment
Jun 14, 2013comment
Fuggit, it's Tuesday!
Jun 11, 2013comment
Been out of town the last week or so... time to get back to work!
May 23, 2013comment
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
May 3, 2013comment
Bumped Make It Rain fuBuck bonus to 100% from 50%!
Apr 30, 2013comment
Back home after racing in Long Beach this weekend. Let's do something crazy this week..
Apr 22, 2013comment
Apr 11, 2013comment
Need some sunshine!
Apr 6, 2013comment
Peep my blog and hold onto your boots!!
Apr 5, 2013comment
Hold onto your boots.. it's about to get real up in here!
Apr 2, 2013comment
Back home.. been in Florida the last week! Let's party!
Mar 18, 2013comment
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