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Jun 28, 2017comment
Back home from France... had some good fun!
Jun 20, 2017comment
Back home for the week. :D
Jun 6, 2017comment
France is nice this time of year!
May 28, 2017comment
Connecticut is nice this time of year!
May 25, 2017comment
What's up, eh?
May 20, 2017comment
Back in California..
May 1, 2017comment
Nice weather outside...
Apr 4, 2017comment
Back to Florida in a few days... maybe I should just move there? Hah!
Mar 6, 2017comment
That weekend was too short.... (coming straight from Oakland!)
Mar 6, 2017comment
Yay, a weekend at home!
Mar 4, 2017comment
Off to Palm Beach for a couple days, everyone play nice while I'm gone. ;)
Feb 28, 2017comment
TGIF! What's everyone up to this weekend?
Feb 24, 2017comment
God Mode back in the blingshop with much higher point limit and fuPal fubuck limits greatly increased.
Feb 16, 2017comment
Who needs a gallbladder anyway?
Feb 15, 2017comment
Let's get crazy today.... any ideas?
Feb 8, 2017comment
Jan 20, 2017comment
Off to Daytona for a couple days... be good(ish)! :-)
Jan 4, 2017comment
Dec 20, 2016comment
Feel like doing something crazy today for the site... any ideas?
Nov 15, 2016comment
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