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babyjesus's Status
If you have a moment, go vote for my friends "Scuderia Corsa" in The Wall Street Journal Team To Win Contest: http://online.wsj.com/ad/team-to-win/?team-to-win-award-voting
Aug 5, 2014comment
Added some new levels and achievements. Max level members will now have a yellow name too... ;)
Aug 4, 2014comment
Hold onto your boots... this might be a rough ride...
Aug 4, 2014comment
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
Aug 3, 2014comment
I'm blinging anyone I find today wearing a fubar shirt...
Jul 31, 2014comment
Nice weather outside...
Jul 21, 2014comment
The point counter is coming back-- it broke something else so I had to disable it. Working on it now..
Jul 1, 2014comment
Just a heads up if you hadn't noticed: the buzz meter is now level dependent. Higher level == more booze required. ;)
Jul 1, 2014comment
What would you like me to work on next for the site? Any crazy ideas for new stuff? Or requests to fix/change anything?
Jun 17, 2014comment
Donating over $5,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project because of Memorial Day bling given out in May! Well done everyone! :-)
Jun 2, 2014comment
fuDivorces are now free... yay!
May 16, 2014comment
Nice weather outside..
Apr 15, 2014comment
I love it when people without salutes are the ones complaining about "fakes"...
Apr 8, 2014comment
yay a new status
Feb 28, 2014comment
This is a new status.. yay!
Jan 17, 2014comment
New levels added... ;)
Nov 26, 2013comment
Added achievements for receiving multiple Inferno Hearts, Epic fubar Diamonds and for any credit purchases during Power Hour sales!
Nov 15, 2013comment
Monalisa rocks! Thanks :D
Nov 15, 2013comment
Cherry Inferno and 25k Likes achievements are both awarding unique bling items! Only available by completing those achievements. Pro Tip: You can collect more than one..
Nov 8, 2013comment
We're donating over $23,000 to breast cancer research and treatment -- nice work in October everyone!
Nov 4, 2013comment
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