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babyjesus's Status
yay a new status
Feb 28, 2014comment
This is a new status.. yay!
Jan 17, 2014comment
New levels added... ;)
Nov 26, 2013comment
Added achievements for receiving multiple Inferno Hearts, Epic fubar Diamonds and for any credit purchases during Power Hour sales!
Nov 15, 2013comment
Monalisa rocks! Thanks :D
Nov 15, 2013comment
Cherry Inferno and 25k Likes achievements are both awarding unique bling items! Only available by completing those achievements. Pro Tip: You can collect more than one..
Nov 8, 2013comment
We're donating over $23,000 to breast cancer research and treatment -- nice work in October everyone!
Nov 4, 2013comment
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! :-)
Nov 1, 2013comment
We're going to start sending early notices for upcoming credit pack sales through our mobile apps.. install them on your iPhone or Android phone now if you'd like to get them!
Oct 22, 2013comment
Racing season is over.. time to get crazy on fubar! Hmm.. where to start..
Oct 21, 2013comment
It's been real, Austin!
Sep 22, 2013comment
Since so many people lack a sense of humor regarding the Roofie bling.. I added something else this morning which might alleviate some of the hostility... have fun! :-)
Sep 10, 2013comment
Goodbye fuPony polishing requirement to levelup... should be a bit easier now. :-)
Aug 21, 2013comment
Making some tweaks to the leveling system.. hold onto your boots!
Aug 21, 2013comment
Reduced 12 Hour Whiteknuckler achievement to 6 Hours and the final level 57 Whiteknuckler from 36 hours to 12 Hours. :-)
Aug 7, 2013comment
You can buy Happy Hours at certain times with fubucks now... :-)
Jul 27, 2013comment
Cutting down most of the windowmaker and whiteknuckler achievenment/levelup requirements by half (or more)... :-)
Jul 25, 2013comment
You guys are going to love what tweak we're making in the next day or 2...
Jul 25, 2013comment
Been in Toronto the last week, finally back home!
Jul 22, 2013comment
Like buttons should show up in all tooltips for VIP's now..
Jun 25, 2013comment
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