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babyjesus's Status
A lot of people are confusing fubar with UNICEF.
Jun 23, 2015comment
Toying w/ the idea of using the non-fubuck happy hour slots as (free) rewards for people that do stuff the previous day. Thoughts?
Jun 17, 2015comment
Apr 28, 2015comment
What should we change or add to the site today? Give me some ideas...
Apr 6, 2015comment
Mar 13, 2015comment
Any ideas for something crazy/cool to do on the site?
Mar 10, 2015comment
Nice weather outside...
Feb 18, 2015comment
Feel like doing something crazy on the site today... any ideas?
Jan 29, 2015comment
Removed cherry inferno requirement for level 56 and reduced the number of achievements needed for levels 60-62...
Jan 15, 2015comment
Added level 62...
Jan 15, 2015comment
fubar has raised over $15,000 for Toys for Tots this month! Well done everyone!
Dec 30, 2014comment
Rain rain please go away...
Dec 18, 2014comment
Was out of commission this week, but back in action!
Dec 5, 2014comment
Let's do something crazy on the site today... any ideas?
Nov 25, 2014comment
Big Bangs are now broadcast to everyone.. no need to select a gender!
Nov 21, 2014comment
Level 58 Big Bang MVP requirement reduced from 5 to 2. :-)
Nov 20, 2014comment
I've removed the salute requirement for leveling up. Over the next week or so we'll be adding a bunch of stuff as a reward for having an approved salute -- bling, more achievements, name colors, etc.
Nov 14, 2014comment
Oct 30, 2014comment
Reduced the level 38 family requirement to 40 from 100. Also reduced all the achievement count requirements for all levels except 61.
Oct 21, 2014comment
What would you like to see change on the fubar website in the next 7 days?
Oct 8, 2014comment
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