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babyjesus's Status
Feel like doing something crazy today for the site... any ideas?
Nov 15, 2016comment
Removed all level up requirements below level 50.... have fun! :D
Nov 7, 2016comment
Increased the base number of 11's available for everyone every day. Have fun! :D
Nov 2, 2016comment
It's our 11th anniversary! Seems like just yesterday...
Oct 14, 2016comment
I feel like doing something crazy on the site today.. any ideas?
Sep 27, 2016comment
What do you want us to work on for fubar?
Sep 14, 2016comment
Is it beer o'clock yet?
Aug 31, 2016comment
We made fubar for people to have fun, if you're not having fun take a break or leave. :-)
Aug 31, 2016comment
Nice weather outside..
Aug 17, 2016comment
I'm going to spend Thursday afternoon going around the site and blinging anyone that has a fubar shirt on in their primary photo. You've been warned.... :-)
Aug 10, 2016comment
To earn spots on the Most Active Leaderboard -- all you have to do is rate/like/comment on other members profiles and photos. That's it.. no magic! :-)
Aug 8, 2016comment
Top 25 people on the new most active leader board get the new purple name color as an option!
Aug 3, 2016comment
Working on some new stuff... should be live tomorrow. Think you guys will like it. :-)
Aug 2, 2016comment
Any crazy ideas for us to add to the site?
Jul 28, 2016comment
family boost is going away. but we're going to bump everyones maximum family count up to make up for it.
Jul 27, 2016comment
adding a new level.. hold onto your boots!
Jul 27, 2016comment
VIP's can now select from multiple buzz meter styles...
Jul 21, 2016comment
Back from Austria, what should we work on this week? Give me some ideas!
Jul 19, 2016comment
Now.. how about that fame meter? :D
Jun 24, 2016comment
Oh spammers.. how I'd like to lock you in your building and light it on fire.
Jun 24, 2016comment
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