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babyjesus's Status
family boost is going away. but we're going to bump everyones maximum family count up to make up for it.
Jul 27, 2016comment
adding a new level.. hold onto your boots!
Jul 27, 2016comment
VIP's can now select from multiple buzz meter styles...
Jul 21, 2016comment
Back from Austria, what should we work on this week? Give me some ideas!
Jul 19, 2016comment
Now.. how about that fame meter? :D
Jun 24, 2016comment
Oh spammers.. how I'd like to lock you in your building and light it on fire.
Jun 24, 2016comment
Check out your fame meter.... what do you think?
Jun 23, 2016comment
Was out of town in Montreal and then France, but back now... let's do some crazy shit!
Jun 20, 2016comment
Jun 7, 2016comment
Was out of the country for a bit, but I'm back now! What should we work on this week... any crazy ideas?
May 23, 2016comment
Rock out with your Rock Stars out!
Apr 20, 2016comment
The Limited Edition bling items now expire tomorrow at midnight! #420
Apr 19, 2016comment
What do you want us to work on this week?
Apr 4, 2016comment
If a member is inactive for over a month, their bling is now polishable regardless of their settings.
Feb 26, 2016comment
Need some ideas for new stuff to do on fubar.... got any?
Jan 28, 2016comment
Yay, a new level!
Jan 26, 2016comment
Little known trick.. you can navigate between photos in the albums using left (previous) and right (next) arrow keys on your keyboard. :-)
Nov 19, 2015comment
Give me some ideas for things to add/change on the site. If you just ask for free bling I'll cut you -- go!
Oct 21, 2015comment
We just updated the email preferences to make it easier for you to receive the ones you want (achievements, anniversary, etc) and disable the ones you don't want. Check your profile settings for a new email settings page.
Oct 16, 2015comment
You can now control who can use ability points on you... boosts, pimps, etc.... check your privacy settings.
Oct 8, 2015comment
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