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Sooooooo there I was minding my own biz getting ready for another fun filled evening with the boys ....... meaning preactice for them slow in the head people out there.. Haaaaaaaa. Anywho... I guess I shoudl rewind a bit and tell anoother story before this one... It was a cool day yesterday... but none the less there was a function we all said we would attend.. Javi's BBQ...... beer, Carne Asada.... and I'm talk the real shit... not the shit them Lions on TV have been pushin for TB.... Anywho ALL of us were to go.. but it seems that one of our Family has been trying to trun on us for some time......ironicly enough the same person to say I get pissed off all the time..... well none the less this person didnt show up to Javi's GT....... sad too.... we had alot of fun. Well this is where my story starts back up again. So if you are working for someone friend of not you try to do your best and be there on time and not take days off right? welll thats what I thought or maybe its just me and I have a bit more respect and loyalty than most.... well none the less the same person to bow out yesterday sends a TEXT....... yeah a fucking TEXT sayin he isnt going to make it to practice...... not a call mind you.... well I knew he wasnt going to show.... them gut feelings I get .... anywho... I replyed back with I didnt figur you were...... I get back a responce that was less than nice... and it kind of snowballed from there..... none the less I wound up ending a friendship of 12 years tonight...... over a woman..... yeah I said it. Thats what it boils down to . Just as I lost a Bassist some months back over the same thing....... now this is what I would like to know. I know that women have powers over us men that half the time they dont know they have..... or if they do they are kind enough to not use it aginst us or our friends.... However.... I find it funny when a man lets himself become so whipped by a woman that he himself turns on there very ones that have been there through thik and thin....... helped out and scacrficed all in the name of brotherhood. It blows my mind that someone man or woman can be ruled as such by another person..... and truly it scares the fuck out of me that people let themselves be taken over by this kind of crap everyday...... and we wonder why this country and our government sucks ass???? Pfft geeee I fucking wonder... grow some nuts and be your own person people.... you have a mind of your own for a reason....... now USE it! but thats just my thoughts
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