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Hello errrybody...i just wanted to let you know im not gonna be around much because of a ssituation i am currently in.....No im not locked up( thats far from the case)..I am currrently residing in The Salvation Army homeless shelter in Wilmington NC....Please dont be alarmed...Alot of you dont know whats going on, because i wondered whether or not i shouldve even posted this to begin with.....I am out of a place to live because of roommate drama and problems....those who want specific details can call me if they want to know....you can either leave me a private message with your phone number and we can exchange them (if you choose) and i will fill you in on the details and such...

Currently i am still working part time and its still going well...theres really no fulltime work in this town(or none that i have found) as of yet....Curfew at the shelter is 930 and lights out are at 10pm...wake up is at 545am(yes you saw correct) and i have to leave the shelter M-F at 9am.....so if you would like to check in with me daytime hours are best....if i dont answer you in a timely fashion i am either working or cannot talk for whatever reason(meeting with counselor etc.)...I WILL however return your call as soon as possible...if you are not in the eastern time zone i will either text you(if possible) or call you in 24 hours....I love you guys to death and i want you to know that some of you mean the world to me and id not want to let you know how i am doing....Life has a way of throwing shit at you and sometimes you have to deal...I am dealing the best way i can at the moment and i am in a good state of mind.....

Love you guys much, 


P.S. please keep in touch....my yahoo is wesleyalexander34@yahoo.com....offline messages are encouraged and warranted....


i have a little less than 90 days to get things goin...i ll be in touch as much as possible with you all.....


UPDATE: April 4.....i gotta call a cat about a room here in Wilmington.....He has Multiple Sclerosis and he needs assistance with his living situation.....so i asked him if he would like me to help...i go see his caseworker and doctor sometime this week....wish me luck...i think things are gonna be ok.....love all you guys to death and dont be afraid to text or call me..

 Update as of 1:15 pm on April 4.....they are going to submit paperwork and i will know in a few days what the final word is....Powell had a seizure and is going to be home resting for the next few days...

BOOOYAH!!!!!!!!...I have to just be there and help him for the time being and i will get compensated for my time at his place until said time for me to move in after the HA approves the paperwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 UPDATE: Fri April 8 9:00 am.....things didnt turn out as id hoped...Powell needs surgery later this month and as of now there are no 2 bedroom apartments available for him to move into at the present moment..and he wont(most likely IF he gets the 2 bedroom) wont be staying at the same location.....I am a little bummed but im still optimistic...On the bright side i can go see him and help him on my days  off from work and he will pay me cash out of his pocket for the time i am there....Keep me in your thoughts guys and i will keep you informed as much as possible...call me as well as my cellfone is always on....

UPDATE: April 14th 930 am.....Im still looking for a place to live and another part time job...its not been easy and life can be unforgiving at times....I appreciate all the love and support i am getting from everyone  and i am keeping the faith....like i said in my previous posts..feel free to call me if you want i will sb you my # and we can talk...all the support i get from you guys makes me smile and gives me a reason to hope that things will get better.....

UPDATE: April 19th 935 am....I had a meltdown yesterday afternoon...dont ask why...just know that i was a little stressed because i wasnt eating and lack of sleep didnt help either...im keeping things optimistic as possible and keeping my head in a good place...I will be a busy beaver this week as i will be working 6 days this week and i might not be on much....i miss the lot of you guys something TERRIBLE.....until next time guys...keep the faith and dont forget to have a happy holiday(if you celebrate it at all)

UPDATE: April 27th 9:09 am.....Hellooooooo everybody!!!!!!........I am doing well(better than the  last time) and things a re looking up for May...I get a raise in a week..i get my profit sharing check(cha-ching!!!!!!!!) and i get paid 5 times in the month of May.....I had a girlfriend of mine offer me a place to stay in WI...(she said she would even BUY the plane ticket for me).....Not sure just yet on what i want to do but i know im not going anywhere until at least early June......PICK UP YOUR GODDAMN PHONES AND CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!...dont gimme that b.s. "i hate talking on the phone!!"...If you want to know how i am doing...CALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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