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Barbarella's blog: "Life"

created on 01/11/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life/b43424


The past month has been like a rollercoaster; up down and all around... after momma had gotten worse last month, the hospice nurse saud that her brain swelling was the cause of her slurred speech inability to walk, and confusion, momma agreed to start her steroids again which has helped her so much. She still has some confusion but is able to walk and speak better.

She had stopped driving at my brothers request, but wednesday decided to start again..I spoke to her hospice nurse yesterday and hopefully they will take her keys once and for all.

She also started a new diet this week, a detoxification kind of thing; no meat, sugar caffeine etc. it includes lots of juices and vitamins... when I yold the nurse about it she was upsety, said that it wasnt good for momma to be doing it as she needs proteins and other things to stay healthy.. momma thinks the diet will cure her cancer.  Momma hs also decided there is conspiracy going on around her; she says that Bill (neighbor that drives us) and I are using her car all the time without her permission...which is not true, at least on my part...cause I KNOW better than to just up and go without discussing it with her first... Bill also has to get the keys from her.. Gonna talk with my brothers about arranging to do errands once a week so I dont have to ask her, think that would be best.

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