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Hey everyone! I wanted 2 let yall know what is going on!

I was in a car wreck yesterday 10-7-10! This guy ran a red light & hit me so hard it tore the tire & axle from the transmission on my car! I had 2 cars in front of me..they went through our green light & I followed! I got about 50 feet from where I was going about 10 miles per hour at this point..this guy comes from my right going about 35-45 miles per hour & hits me in the front passenger side full force! He did not even try 2 slow down! After he hit the front he bounced off & hit the back passenger door! The air bags deployed when he hit the front passenger side! There where 2 cops behind me that saw everything thank God! I was driving, my mans mom was in the front passenger side, my baby girl was in the back passenger side & my mans oldest was in the back driver side! We all got taken 2 the hospital by ambulance! My lil girl is ok..she just was more scared hen anything! My mans mom is ok..she is just a lil banged up! My mans oldest messed up her knee & her right shoulder but she went home! Myself...I am still in the hospital! I am able 2 type this cause a friend of mine came 2 see me & brought there lap top so I could let everyone know what is going on! I tore some ligaments in my left knee & have 2 have surgery..I also cracked a few ribs in my right side..my lower back, left shoulder & lower stomach are all bruised pretty bad! Most of my bruising is from my set belt! Myself & my lil girl were the only ones wearing a set belt..well she was in her car set but u know what I mean! I will be in the hospital 4 a lil while! I am not sure how long!  I will get on here as much as I can! My friend is gonna let me use her lap top 4 a lil while! I am in a lot of pain so wont be on much at all but I will keep everyone posted on how I am doing! My family took pics of my car 2day 2 show the damage that was done..I am gonna post them on here 2night so everyone can see them! I love u all & thank u 2 all of u that have been praying 4 me & thinking about me!  



Well..I have good news! I get 2 go home in the morning..yay! Just in time 4 my baby girls 3rd BDay! I have lots of doc appointments 2 go 2 & still have 2 go through surgery later but I am well enough 2 go home! I am still in a lot of pain but I am happy 2 be going home! I am so glad I am not gonna miss my lil girls BDay 2marrow! I want 2 thank all of u 4 being here 4 me! I love u all! =)



Yay...I am home! My lil girl had a wonderful 3rd BDay! I am so glad I did not miss it! I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor 2marrow! I am still in a lot of pain but glad 2 be home! I want 2 thank all of u that have asked about & prayed 4 me! I love u all! =)



I went 2 the orthopedic dr 2day! He said I have 2 do physical therapy 4 my knee & shoulder! I have 2 get the swelling down on my knee b4 they can do anything about the torn ligaments! I am hopping they don't have 2 do surgery! I don't want 2 not be able 2 walk for 9 months..that will suck!   

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