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laurie's blog: "Stories"

created on 03/25/2008  |  http://fubar.com/stories/b201129
Unicorn Dreaming Uniís eyes flickered as he dreamt, and he tossed and turned as the images and thoughts went through his mind. In his dream he saw Jola running towards him, barefooted, as he tried to keep the wolves attacking him occupied so they would not notice her, once again he felt his heart leap as he looked at her beauty. Then his dream jumped to when she had left him for another man, and had stopped believing in him. He felt his death closing in, until she at last admitted her love, and came to his aid, she had stayed with him for weeks until he had recovered, and during that time he had felt her love grow. She had become pregnant with his child, and his pride and love for her was so great, that he wept at night, but as she prepared to give birth, the wolves tracked them down once more, and aided by the entire community, he went to her rescue, where they fought until the wolves were all dead, and at last they had a daughter, a filly, who they called Kasandra. It was the greatest day of both of their lives. One that they would never forget. Not long afterwards they were married, in Jolaís dream wedding, he was the man she had dreamed of, and wept as the priest announced they were now husband and wife. It was everything she had dreamed of, and Uni knew it had become his dream too. Jola was getting very worried as she watched him, the tears ran freely down his cheeks, and she had no idea why. So she put her arms around him and held him tightly in his sleep. Whispering into his ear that she was with him, and she loved him so much. As she held Uni Jolaís own mind turned towards love. She had her heart broken before, and had a terrible fear of having the same happen again, and this unicorn/man had been capturing her heart every second that she knew him. She had twisted and turned every way she could imagine, she had taken lovers, in the hope he would go away, she had told him she could never love again, but still he loved her, she had even called him her boo, her one and only love, and even then she felt there was more needed, until she at last told him that she loved him., and then suddenly all the walls she had set up were down, but at the same time, it had let loose her fears again. Again she had started to find lovers, in a desperate attempt to be safe from being hurt, but this time she found that she was just hurting herself too. Finally she made the decision to return to Uniís home, where they had first met, and once there, she felt the love in her heart overtaking her fear, and she knew then that Uni would never leave her as long as she herself did not force him to do so. Seconds later Uni woke, and feeling Jolaís arms around him, rolled over and kissed her deeply, and he was surprised by the passion in the kiss she returned. He smiled and hoped that the Ice Queen was a sound sleeper, because there was a feeling in the air that the herd might grow bigger tonight. Jola smiled too, having the same thought herself.
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