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Sometimes we wonder what devotion really is. We ponder how we can show it, or grab hold of it from another. However Devotion is something not easily learned. It comes from somewhere deeper then just wanting to show or learn, it comes from deeper then a consious thought. True Devotion comes from reaction, and a instantanious movement of the mind to perform without thinking, to react when needed and to do your job as taught. However as soldiers know this devotion at times can lead to death. Their devotion to their comrades in arms, to their buddies who have become like brothers and sisters is beyond what most people can ponder even for a moment. To have not walked as a soldier the miles they tread, to have not worn the colors of camoflage day in and day out, not many ever will do. While their uniforms provide protection, they also provide a mental state which few will ever obtain. Their uniforms while bland and uniform with all those near them, is something hard to describe to another even tho i have myself warn it. Once you take on the mantal of defender. The mantal of saviour as a medic. The mantal of leader in a platoon, your life and your thoughts change. Once you dawn your boots, and pull on your camy's your whole world not resides around those beside you, and those you protect from danger. Soldiers are the greatest gift to our country, as they serve by choice and with honor in their hearts, and patriotism on their sleeves. They salute out of respect, and honor those who lead them. They salute the colors they protect and wear. They learn true devotion under extreame circumstances, and it becomes known as something few will ever feel. They serve not for glory, they serve not for medals, but we award them to show how much we admire their devotion. We award them to pass on to their linage a story of their parents great deeds in devotion to others and to themselfs. Sacrifice is the greatest of all things, it shows the greats love to another. And when you sacrifice for a unknown person, you are displaying your deepest love for live. At times this sacrifice does not end in death, and it is the devotion to those around you that leads to life itself. And in this writing i write this for all those who serve, and those who will. And honor one individual who has shown the greatest love of all. Devotion to their job, and devotion to their comrades in arms, without thought of safety or life, she has served her comrades well. And for her sacrifice of saftey she has been awarded the silver star. To you Spc. Monica Lin Brown i salute you, and pass on my thanks that our country rasies such carefree individuals that they look at life as a gift for others to have. Please enjoy this video of a true american hero, showing selfish devotion to those she saved. She is but the 2nd woman since WW2 to have received the Silver Star. And she is an american soldier thru and thru..

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