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*The New and Improved Ultimate About Me*

Basics: Name: Jackii Date of Birth: 01-23-1985 Birthplace: Crozer Chester Current Location: My Living Room Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Height: 5'8" Heritage: German, Irish, French Candian Piercings: Snakebites, Septum, Nostral and Ears Tattoos: Kanji on my wrist, and cheshire cat on my back Favourite: Band/Singer: Robin Black and The Intergalactic Rockstars Song: Candy Flip Movie: Memoirs Of A Geisha Disney Movie: Peter Pan TV show: Venture Bros Color: Purple Food: Cheese Pizza topping: Extra Cheese Ice-Cream Flavor: Coffee Drink (alcoholic): Jagermeister Soda: Mnt Dew Store: WaWa Clothing Brand: No idea Shoe Brand: Vans, Etnies and Adio Season: Fall and Winter Month: May Holiday/Festival: Halloween Flower: Orchids Make-Up Item: Eyeliner Board game: Scene It This or That Sunny or rainy: Rainy Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate Fruit or veggie: Either Night or day: Night Sour or sweet: Sweet Love or money: Love Phone or in person: In Person Looks or personality: A bit of both Coffee or tea: Coffee Hot or cold: Cold Your: Goal for this year: Be Happy Most missed memory: Having A Family Best physical feature: My Eyes First thought waking up: Honestly, I thought about Bryon Hypothetical personality disorder: Bipolar Disorder Preferred type of plastic surgery: The Kind The Do On Discovery Health Sesame street alter ego: Oscar Fairytale alter ego: Dorian Grey Most stupid remark: I'm going to slap you in the cock with my face! Worst crime: None Greatest ambition: Prove everyone wrong Greatest fear: Being Alone Forever Darkest secret: I'm emotionally sensitive Favorite subject: History Strangest received gift: A magnetic Lobster Worst habit: My Impulsiveness Do You: Smoke: Yes Drink: Yes Curse: Yes Shower daily: No, every other day Like thunderstorms: Yes Dance in the rain: Yes Sing: Yes, terribly Play an instrument: Kinda Get along with your parents: No Wish on stars: Yes Believe in fate: Yes Believe in love at first sight: Unforunately Can You: Drive: Yes, but I have no lisence Sew: Kinda Cook: Yes Speak another language: French Dance: No Sing: Not Really Touch your nose with your tongue: Yes Whistle: Yes Curl your tongue: Yes Have You Ever: Been Drunk: Yep Been Stoned/High: Yep Eaten Sushi: Yes Been in Love: Yes Skipped school: Yes Made prank calls: Yes Sent someone a love letter: Yes Stolen something: Yes Cried yourself to sleep: Yes Other Questions: What annoys you most in a person? Little things Are you right or left handed? Ambidextrious What is your bedtime? Whenever Name three things you can't live without: Phone, Internet, Friends What is the color of your room? Sea Foam Green Do you have any siblings? 2 Brothers Do you have any pets? 2 Cats Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? If I wouldn't get in trouble What is you middle name? Elizabeth What are you nicknames? Jackii Are you for or against gay marriage? For What are your thoughts on abortion? I'm paying for it, you suck it out! Do you have a crush on anyone? Yes Are you afraid of the dark? Yes How do you want to die? With A Bang What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? No idea Would you take a bullet for the one you love? Yes What is the last law you’ve broken? I had a scheduel 2 drug In a Member of the Opposite Sex: Hair color: Whatever Eye color: Not Important, but they must be soulful Height Taller Than Me Weight Not too Important Most important physical feature: Eyes Biggest turn-off Irresponcibility, Immaturity, and Smothering

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