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Lets start with the bad news I wont be on fubar to much any more And the good news is got a JOB.!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!! But unfortunatly that is why I am not going to be on fubar much anymore so Please dont forget ME because I will be checking in. I will miss you all And take care Eric aka. BigEasy


Life is a beautiful thing we are all given the right to make decisions and do with as we wish but sometimes we let others make decisions for us and we just go with it and comit our selves to that But is it really our decision anymore or do we all just do what others think and live with it or can we go and do with what we want. Life is Beautiful so make the best of every Decision you can make
Yes yes yes I can comment again YEAH YEAH.
I got my comment privillages taken away or suspended not really sure why I do not think I did anything wrong. I am trying to find out how i got it taken away or suspended so if any one has any ideas please let me know would like to get it fixed so i can continue to enough all of fubar. Thanks hope to hear from you all
I want to find ladies or lady that want to have fun for get the teasing i just want to please. So if any of you ladies live near or around me then hit me up because i can make you very happy with no strings atatched. I love to watch women play with them selves and love to use toys I love to make a women moan in extasy and then i will worry about myself. BIGEASY
OK time for me to climb the ladder of Conceited for a min,yes I am very sexy and look good. I grew my hair out lifted weights and made myself into the handsome beast you all have commented on for months and i talk the talk and work my verbal magic. Thanks to ALL of you beautiful ladies for all the great comments. BUT I can only wish to become this confident in person but I am not i am very shy and love a woman to come to me and get me going because i am shy and tend to stiffen up(no punn intended) around the ladies. And just to kick myself off the ladder everyday I remember Who I am, Where i come from and what it takes to just be human. This ia also posted on my profile
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