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myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics I am who I am, I make no bones,if you know me a hour , a day, a year, a century. I will be true to me. Growing in spirit , trying to live by honesty and truth. In my youth I knew not and I stumbled, but as I grew and took on wisdom ,I evolved. I know the path I want to take. My journey is not done although my time is short. I know my inner strength and I know my weakness. I will not let you destroy my faith or trust in mankind. I seek out good in people. I am not a child, I know there is evil. So I walk carefully. I try to not be fooled by the ones that have a false spirit. I must admit I have been once or twice and it hurt deeply. I believe we are not so different. That are needs are basic and very similar. We all need love like a flower in the garden needs water to flourish. We need to focus on giving and not on receiving. Although I truly believe that when we give from our heart we get back 10 fold. It is in giving that we get our greatest reward. I wish many blessings to all that read this. I hope the path you walk shines brightly for all to see. That you chose not a path of darkness and dispare. We have choice, Choice to live happy Choice to give Choice to share and in by doing this get more then you could ever expect in return. All this is possible with the right attitude, then making our plan of action and make it happen. Do I think its easy, no. But I do know that through the struggles I became stronger, wiser and I realize that material things can be gone in a flash but the one thing that remains after the rubble has settled, is my loving and giving spirit. But only if I choose to continue to grow and learn along my journey. Love and Friendship to all that read this, Gegi March 26, 2007
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