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Together we can take it to the end of the light
I don't know what else to say tonight
I really need you in my sight
Things don't seem so right
I feel like I'm holdin' on with all my might

My heart is filled with so much fright
I am so nervous that best of the years are gone
Every now and then I fall apart
Take my hand and walk with me through this
I don't know what to do but give you my heart

Maybe we can sit here hand in hand
Remenicing of the times we spent at the park
A song keeps comming to mind
Wondering with every split moment
What the doctors are gonna find

Grab my hand, lets imagine our feet in the sand
Making every moment count
You are my shining star
Don't you ever go too far

Lets make this time we have together
Precious as an angels feather
Making our own storms of passion
Regardless of the outside weather
Creating a profoundly new fashion

Will you become my fundamental expertise
What if I was to ask nicely, PLEASE!
Let's create a way to get things off our mind
Time is of an essence here,
Do not fear! Together we will FIND
Our love will prosper and wont be left behind!

No matter what, from this moment forward
Our hearts are of one leaning toward
Even if the bad news hits
And I manage to throw some fits
I promise you this:

If our love would fall Apart
The world tomorrow would know
What it would feel to have a
Total Eclipse of the Heart!


@copywrite ~*~ Jus playin' around w/ words here~*~ 

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