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10. You are bored and could not find anything more meaningless to do. 9. You love to have insecure and sligthly retarded girls bitch about your points and fake pictures 24x7. 8. You think that you look like a super hot and sexy cherry in your red ballon dress and want to share it with the world. 7. You want to scare the shit out of people with the ugly pictures of the real you when people discover that you are not at all Madonna. 6. You wanted to test your little webcrawler & cheater hack and bumped up your dead grandmother as "SoSuperHotXOXOX" to the top list. 5. You got your pay check and thought babyjesus might need the cash better, so you bought a 10 years of cherry blasts. 4. You thought Cherry Bucks meant real dollars and ordered a luxury cruise for your whole family. 3. You really got 3960 friends and they all think you are wounderful. 2. Your celebrity carrier have come to an end and the only options that are left, besides rotten eggs, is a place at the top cherry list. 1. You still have your cherry intact! (and would not that amount for something then what does?)
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