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I got to the gym at 5:45....

I got on the treadmill and did 1.5 miles ..in 29 min.. I know I know...not that fast...shut it.

Then we started lifting...

Chest : incline bench (45 pound bar)

            decline bench (45 pound bar)

            cable flys (30 pounds each side)

Back : bent over rows (10 pound dumbells)

           seated row (50 pounds)

           lat pull down (standing, pulling straight down 40 pounds)

Bis : standard dumbell curls (8 pounds)

        sideways dumbell curls (8 pounds)

        21s with the preacher curl bar (10 pounds on the bar)

        straight bar pull ups (40 pounds)

Tris : Dips using the foot rest of the pull up machine (110 pounds)

         rope pull down (60 pounds)

         kick backs (8 pounds)

Legs : inner and outer thigh machines (70 pounds)

          squats using the leg press (100 pounds) only one set

          calf raises on the leg press (100 pounds) only one set

          standard squats on the smith machine (20 pounds plus the bar) 2 sets

          toes pointed out squats on the smith (20 pounds plus bar) 2 sets

Abs : One minute of my feet balancing on the ball and raising pelvis up

         One minute of holding the ball between my feet and raising it up and down

Unless otherwise indicated 3 sets of each...

THEN we went to the track and walked 1.5 miles.


I think that is one hell of a workout!

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