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January 21, 2009 Welcome I hope this finds YOU well, I must say YOU look wonderful ... A sight for sore eyes! As it goes looking ever as nice as I remember and better than I could have imagined - being I haven't seen YOU since, Well, since LAST YEAR! It's not that I didn't miss YOU ... It's more like I just tucked YOU away and knew that YOU were there and If needed ... I could hopefully find YOU I'm humbled by the warm reception I recieved last night from all of YOU! Truth being, this site is just plays havoc on my operating system. Unsure if my lack of computer strength or if its my windows 98 or the cold hard fact that dial up & fubar are not a happy combination ... It didn't take long for me to finally get logged on, to realize why I stopped coming by daily. I should note, I've attempted to log on a lot here as of late. IF (big -IF-) I did get connected, My screen would either freeze right after the long wait -or- worst yet: During a long drawn out typing frenzy ... then disconnect right when I'd push 'send' ughhhhh - and YOU gotta relate to that ... the long ass wait to just connect, followed by the JOY of FINALLY getting on - ONLY to have the excitement turn south when you pour all the energy into a heart felt (god I missed you) type message: ONLY to have it lost after you try to send! *shakes head in discuss* Makes matters worse, that if it's a freeze up ... I'll see it on screen, staring back at me ... as though it's mocking me, a taunting if you will? Like it's saying: "See you should have just sent me ... _instead of the spell check - or the added thoughts __ oh, or at least push 'save' every once and awhile ha-ha" *grumbles, damn mocking inanimate machine* Even though I'm once again unemployed & TIME is of abundance it would seem ... but you can quote me: "Even though it seems I've all the TIME in the world ...Don't confuse that with me having a lot of patience" I just had this thought as I was ready to post this: Is with the "auto 11's" andddddd ... Whats with the posting comments bare with me ... It's been awhile since on here -and- I'm unsure if its just my dial up (on my side) -or- If it's the site But when you post a message, does the page not refresh or is it just me ... where a little spinning bar and a countdown until you message you post finally shows up ... (?) I know I've double posted a bunchhhhhhhhh since I thought I was just froze up or it didnt seem to move Is that just me or is it you all as well(probably not as slow for you) -but- Hell I timed my post on the bulletin* comment and it took me 11 minutes to see my post show up. And DO you HAVE to wait until it's finished before you can move to another page? Or do have to wait so it's finished and seen - to move? wow So, ME? What have I been up to? You know me, I hate to whine or bitch! I'll just put it this way: So, What's been going on in your life*oh yeah ... Just in case you didnt see my bulletin :

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HELLO: My dear sweet friends! I know ~I Know~ It's been
~F O R E V E R~
I was going to write you ALL when it occurred to me: I'm STILL on DIAL UP!
So, you'll get my old stand by ...
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know all is well on my side of the screen. I hope it's the same on your side and all those you love are healthy & happy. I've popped on FUBAR a few times although under time constrains, I was unable to say hello (damn dial-up) *gumbles with that thought* I seen you have kept coming bye and leaving me love (which makes me feel so) and I thank you ever so much! My summer has been full and life seems to keep me away from the computer, be it my now two year old grandbaby Ella, or my ever so demanding now 11 year old Lexy with all her extracurricular. Top that off with the J-O-B in which I've now added playing DJ on the weekends - You could say my plate has been full if not spilling over at times.
There is a little light at the end of the tunnel, My bartending at the "Tiki Bar" (pool side) gig is about to end come Sept. 13th - So - I foresee a less tan Greg with some unemployment in my near future ... although I'll have "other" jobs to do at the hotel - My semi-seasonal position with end with an end of the season bash. (yeah, here's to partying to my loss of hours) lol
So, there's a small update on yours truly ... I hope this finds you on a sunny day full of smiles -for- My short visit with you just brightened MY day & widened MY smile! Your day (Hope to see you soon)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 I gotta go to work ... I'll be back on after 11 tonight to finish this ... Wanna guess what it will be about (subject matter) ???
It's Let's Be:

Monday, June 23, 2008 appy new week to you & yours I hope you're ready to get your week started and are full of promise as I am this Monday. I've always enjoy the beginning of the week or the excitement with the start of something new. So happens this starts a new era of sorts for me, so it's even has more mystic than normal - with the unknown and untested I've got ahead of me getting back on the horse, Starting back to work. ew Beginnings have always been a time I reflect back - even more so - with me starting BACK to work at an old place of employment. I think its human nature to reflect back before moving forward ... I mean we look to try to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place or while doing something new - by remembering some Experience from our past. eflection - is to remind ourselves to not repeat something bad or to strive for the pleasurable and relive or avoid the things that was etched deep for those very reasons - they come easily to mind. Once said and often repeated quote" "While most live and learn from their own mistakes the truly wise learn from someone else's." With that said: Here's the next segment: Are you a thinker or a doer? re you good at listening to others wisdom and applying what they are telling you -or- Do you need to "Live" it, to learn it? I'm sadly not one that comprehends what's being told - until I actually try it - "live' it as they say, but funny - I'm really talented at teaching something to 'some' Without them having to 'live' it themselves. guess you could say my talent to teach is better than my ability to learn. I really reflect on what was told to me -after the fact ... meaning: After I made the mistake, the little light bulb clicks on, "Ohhh, So - that's what they where warning me about" (duh) moment. And it's burned into my thoughts for the next person, when it's time to pass on my wisdom to the next possible victim of said warning, somehow I'll be able to convey the message (to them) clearly so they wont make that mistake too. o, Am I alone in this aspect? Are you able to heed to warnings? (learn from others past) Are you more of the "live & learn" How about passing on your wisdom? Can you give clear advice and teach others your life's lessons? oday's Comment is a one of my classics Too many postings in two years to be able to give an estimate on how many times I posted it here. Although it always has some form of Update with each time I've posted it. I will say that when I DO post it, It's usually spot on for my feeling of the day -That I'm in deep thought And Reflecting on something ... n my video selection ... ummm, well I had a different song in mind when I came across this one And hearing old classics just adds to my theme of reflection ... for music is a time machine and our thoughts travel to the music era. Allowing a pleasant reflection of when or what the song reminds the listener of - often nice thoughts And pleasant reflection of the day. hat's all I've got to reflect on today. I hope you enjoyed your stay ... And in parting - I have this to say: Keep in mind that today can be a day to remember ... It's up to you to make it worth remembering. Here's today's classic greet:

Sunday, June 22, 2008 ello - And Wow - Wow Indeed Writing today's date made me start dreaming again ... I cant believe that we already are that far into the season? After the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) we lose a minute each day. So I started thinking that if we lose a minute a day - We must be on the down swing then (over the hump)? If Summer begins at the the peek then it's already ending just as it starts . . . *shakes head* I just confused myself, are YOU still with me? And that's why I try not to think TOO hard - reaming well ... 'Day' dreaming Has always being more of a hindrance Than inspiration for me, Getting caught up in the dream only to have the cold facts of reality smack me in the face. Wake Up! If my drive was as creative as my thoughts Even half of creative, And I used my energy for something other than on some useless form of art or never seen/used idea's ... 'd probably have a lot more to show for my time of 45 years on this earth ... But - alas I'm just a dreamer Which brings me to: Are You a dreamer
s in the "classic form" thought as -and- often refereed to Type dreamer, full of ideas and creativity ... But too distracted by your thoughts to make them come true? r are you more grounded? The sensible type that doesn't allow yourself to get rapped up in a dream. If you are the sensible type ... Were you a dreamer before? Maybe a hard dose of reality knock you off your cloud & falling hard - you wont allow Yourself to dream for fear of them NOT happening & hurting. here are those who are afraid of accomplishing their dreams ... For various reasons, most being that it that's away their reasons to strive, others for fear it wont be everything that they dreamed it would be. Where do you fall? Classic Dreamer? Grounded for life? Once dreamt, but fallen? Afraid to dream? Afraid to achieve the dream? oday's comment is a new one Made it and parts of this blog today ... Fearing my six days a week working may deprive me of any creative outlet ... I thought I'd better do something while I can & still have time. Other words - be ready for some "classic" comments ahead - (more than usual) And rehashed/revised blogs until I'm used to the hours - and adjust. ideo is a little late 80's Classic of Motley Crue's "Home sweet Home" ... Damn 80's again? Talk about dreaming . . . *sigh* Picked it just for part of the first verse: "You know I'm a Dreamer" ... nce again - you stuck it out and made it to the end of another one of my long blogs Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts & possibly your dreams -or- maybe: lack there of ... Either way, you make my dreams come true by sharing a little of your time with me. I hope to see you here again ... If not - maybe you'll see me in your dreams ... Or would that be a NIGHTMARE? lol Here's today's comment:
My Favorite Blog Reader ... Mucho ~ ~ Greg

June 21, 2008 ust in case you didn't know - it's: "Plant Your Pickle Day"! No really ... The longest day of the year once was concidered that, err ummm -or- maybe my old gal pal of mine was just giving me a hint that went right =whoosh=over my head? There's only a few of my good friends that I've NEVER forgot their birthday and Sandy is one, she turned 60 today. So, even though I haven't seen much of her these last few years (since I quit drinking) I realized it was her birthday as soon as I wrote the date down first time & called Her immediately to wish her well & stuff. irst day of summer and things are looking up on my side of the screen. Hoping it's the same on your side too!!! First and foremost, for those who know - I got a job yesterday, not new job -but- a JOB! (it's an old employer that needs me back) Nice to feel wanted & needed and even nicer too have something to wake up for every day. I've really been feeling worthless since Zeks death. o fill those in who didnt know: My business partner and best friend died from a car accident this spring. His passing left me not only without a true friend and mentor -but- Also being most of our 'business' was his name and relied on his rep & equipment. So that ment I lost my only employment. Well, the hotel I work at during the slower periods - supplemented Zek & my income during the down periods for our venture, Was sold to a 'hotel family' for lack of a better description, and I ultimately had to train their family members for my position. Which because of my ability to multitask and various skill sets - was many different places inside the hotel, From bartender, Maintenance then front desk/night auditor. Well after training my replacements, I literary "work myself out of work" But I had Zek & my painting business to fall back on & we were reinvesting a percent into the company as to build it into a more reliable and sincere business to have as our sole future income and prosper from it. Well, that's the place I'll be more or less filling in for a couple position to work. Which brings me to: Have you ever taken a job KNOWING you're going to quit have a feeling there will be a lot of YESES on this one ... Being people have to make ends meet. So when an opertunatly arises to make short term money, most will take the spot and leave when something better comes along. So if you fall into that category ... Did you feel bad about it - at all? Wanna share one of your 'transition' jobs? eing a past owner and manager, I often ran into people that I could spot as in a transition period & I knew that they probably wouldn't last, but -BUT- SOMETIMES ... it works out for both parties. Although it depends on the circumstances, I know how costly and the risk involved in hiring someone who will probably leave shortly. So, My answer is YES I have ... but I dont like to. nowing my former - soon to be current boss most likely plan on disposing of me when my services are no longer needed there - Well, it has made taking this job knowing I might being leaving sooner than they planned alot easier than if I didnt have a past with them. I have another plan, that involves a REAL future and 'IF' and/or 'WHEN' that ever comes into fruition I'll leave rather abruptly & without much notice. y comment today is a variation of one that was a once posted greeting. Actually not much but the flowered font graphics are even the same. Added a little of magic and some of my own graphic tricks to finish off the comment you seen. ideo is Brian Adam's "Summer of 69" for the new seasons starting today. I could only think of a couple songs that had any kind of summer theme. I almost went with Will Smiths "Summer Time" but went with my rocker instinct and kept 69 hat all I've got for you today I hope your visit was worth your time as always - Looking forward until next. In parting I leave today's comment:

Friday, June 06, 2008 umm, -And- 06-20-08 Welcome, I hope this finds you well. I've missed YOU and am happy to see YOU still are interested enough to stop by & read my blog today ... (well, the blog from 6/6 anyway) I'd like to give some exciting story as to my whereabouts or disappearance from the last couple of weeks -but- I've always tried to keep it real here. Nothing but Internet & computer problems. Although I'm unsure of where my train of thought was *heading on my incomplete blog of Friday 6/6 (that I'm finishing/using today) *heading = footsteps (har-har) But I guess I can use it for today's thoughts ... As I feel as though I've been walked on/over (hence: a second song choice) I lost my Internet because I stood up for myself (As well as others) rights as a consumer. I'd 'bundled' my phone, cable and net with verizon (which is the ONLY dish service available here) After the trial period, the price almost doubled, Being that they have a monopoly on satellite I had to stick with them after I tried to cancel. (didn't want to HAVE to go back to dialup) Well, somehow I got hacked and there was over 300.00 in movies and phone charges made on my account. I've NEVER have used a PPV movie or sporting event ... EVER I also use a phone card whenever I make long distance calls. So, I called the company an explained this DEMANDED that the charges be removed and also to remove the ability to even order Movies to this address via remote or phone. They seemed to understand and removed the movies and from the day of billing took the ability to order movies to THIS address. Well, last months bill arrives and I see the adjustments and credits made on the billing and skim threw to flip over and sort and notice my statement is for 280.00 ... hmmmm??? Surely this is some mistake in accounting - right? Well another phone call only to be switched from one service rep to another and another. When I finally just ask for a supervisor/manager. After a long hold - I explain for the 5th time that day probably the 20th time between the two complaints Only to be told that: "Removing disputed billing 100% is a 'One Time deal' and that I was liable to pay ... even though -I- didn't watch said movies" hmmm??? O k a y ... So, KNOWING -I- didn't watch nor order these here ... I ask them to check their records to see where they where watched & where they were order from ... Seemed to be ordered from a phone that was NOT mine own Seemed to be watched from a house that was NOT mine own Why? -W H Y- would a company allow this to happen? Shouldn't there be some sort of "redflag" when this happens? ESPECIALLY for 280.00 worth of movies (and phone charges)? I know, I know what you might be thinking ... (trust me I did too) Didn't YOU have the ability to order removed? YES ... from the day of billing (and dispute being made) They removed it - but this happened from when I received the first disputed bill and me finding the errors and disputing them, and on that day ... they turned it off! And the movies where watched piror to that ... hmmmm Other words, they pretty much where part of the FIRST dispute then, the one the dish removed? Well, no - It falls into this months ... but before the ability was turn off? That was when I blew my top! Are you kidding me? They tired to ease my pain ... offering to remove HALF? I said yes remove half, because you must only want your customers to be half satisfied then, right? (ugh) That's when they said that was the best they could do ... and I said it wasn't good enough and told them to stick it. They turn off my cable & net within a minute ... (hence: why I never finished this originally) They told me I'm still liable for the bill & if not paid it would be turned in to collections ... hmmm I really don't care! ... So After the rant from above, brings me to: Do you think BIG Business cares about it's customers
I don't I refuse to bow down to them EVEN though I'm now stuck with dialup ... I'll NEVER pay that bill - it was THEIR lapses of security measures that failed. Sure - I know that I'm at fault as far as some security measures on my part for getting hacked? But I know I would wonder why someone was ordering movies at a different address & phone That NEVER had even order a movie before ... That's where they failed! And OTHER companies have safeguards in place to prevent this from occurring. And as far as I'm concern - There is NO past precedence that made people pay for something that THEY didn't order? Any thoughts? Any big company stories? Do you just hate big business like I do?
Today's comment ... errr, ummm ahhhmm Okay ... I mean today's & 06/06's comment. I've used but remade each time 4 times now. I did made 06's a little different (changed eye direction) I actually change "CLOTHES" on today's (lol) just to see if anyone noticed The blog from today (foot prints) was for that day but I couldn't tell you what I was thinking while making it. The first video was the aerosmith/run D MC remix Today's choice was AC/DC appropriate "Walk all over you" Because I think that's what big business does So I thank YOU for walking by my way and taking time to read my rant ... In advance - I'll warn you that with dialup My time on may be short Oh and want to thank Christine She used my 11's to keep me active pirate queen~~~~Owner of PONYBOY0827~~~~

@ fubar (which explains if you thought you've seen me on and though I ignored you ... It was just my good friend using my screenname) She helped me from dropping my rank I'm now 293 (only down from 160) which if she wasn't helping wouldn't even be on the chart. If you want to meet someone truly special click on and send a little luv her way ... She trying to godfather and she's in need of a boost - if you like to help a really good girl. With that ... I'll walk on out of here! Thanks for strolling by again ... The Welcome Mat is there just for YOU! Here's both 06 & today's comment:




Thursday, June 05, 2008 eah! You're BACK! As always I'm happy to see YOU return for more of my colorfilled? fun? I was hoping my smiles & rainbows didn't scare you away - It being a bit much. Cant help it -seriously- I cant It's just me and my True-Colors at their worst (umm best - maybe? - I dunno) *shrugs* hat is ONE thing I always try to do - even though it's not always the best thing (at the time) Is be myself, often at the risk of being taken the wrong way or misconstrued. I let my True-Colors 'shine' or fail trying to. And I know not everyone 'gets' me ... or even LIKES me But when it's all said and done: It's YOU who has to look in the mirror and to truely be liked - for WHO you are, (You are only like as much as you like yourself) You have to be yourself - You are only fooling yourself and that never works for you - let alone the public - and never those close to you. y notion has been to be who you are and show your True-Colors and if you do and they STAY even though the ugly colors ... then people still around genuienly want to be their because of your True-Colors and not any facade. I genuinely like people who are themselves not only because they're of being genuine, but because I feel I can trust them - For acting like someone you're not is just laying a false bottom on the foundation of your friendship - one that will never stand the test of time. Which brings me to: ny part of your personality - that you fear showing people ven the most forthright and confident people are somewhat unconfortable showing their True-Colors at first.I mean, Most polite society puts on their best at first, That's only to be expected (if your civil minded) But I'm looking past the 'up front' guise one of the last things you reveal (if at all) I'm not searching for embarrassing or traumatic either - The 'thing' that often after you reveal it, wasnt taken as bad as you thought ... I mean it's embarrassing to tell new friends that I have bipolar disorder - I always fear that it will (and it has) chase people away ... ut that works for the best ... I found being upfront about it is significant to any growth - and saves time & heartaches I mean if you understand it and are aware then there are no surprises down the road I rather have a 'deal breaker' happen early. o need to go medical for sake of my blog, but you may have a quirk of sorts? Perhaps just a silly birthmark or 6 toes (on one foot) No pressure to toss it out for the world to see (well the 6-7 people who read this) but if you feel like letting it off your chest to "sit yourself free" and let it out! or dare I say: show me your - True-Colors Feel free to post it here - I also have a mailbox :) oday's comment has been run one other time somewhere around Thanksgiving. I've used the graphics for other greetings too. All the graphic are from the net (sorry nothing original on this one) unless you count my format & idea to put all them together as one? ideo is Cyndi Lauper's - True-Colors from 1986 ut-oh another 80's song ... theme week? I think Lauper's voice range is phenomenal and songs were a lot of fun for the times. Perfect 1980's pop star, (with her True-Colors shining threw) I think that with her talent though she could of made it in any of the rock (strike that) MUSIC era. Just too bad she got pigeon holed and then when the music scene went a different way. hat's it for today my friends I hope you enjoyed your tour of my True-Colors and know that youre always welcome to come back ... lurk, comment or just to see the Pretty - Colors I leave you now with today's comment:

~ My Blog Friends ~ See Ya!

Wednesday, June 04, 2006 ello and welcome back! I hope the road to right now was one of little to no detours or rough travels to speak of. As the your week goes forward that and debris and congestion known to happen are cleared of your adventures and destination. riginally I was going to use the 'road' theme for another reason. I was heading in a different 'direction' when I got lost or took a detour to a Road Trip blog instead of my original destination.
ROAD LESS TRAVELED wo roads diverged in a yellow wood And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth Then took the other as just as fair And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear Though as for that, the passing there Had worn them really about the same And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet, knowing how way leads onto way I doubted if I should ever come back I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two roads diverged in a wood And I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference Robert Frost
So like a road trip - maybe going a different way - can end up the fun way to go anyway! though road trips dont seem to be as common as they used to be. I figure the younger kids have more things to do with their time than our generation? You know 500 TV channels along with Internet stuff and video games take their time away from just driving to someplace just to see it, turn around and come back. Yeah - well, that and GAS prices perhaps? hen was your last road trip y oldest daughter just went for one and giggled on and on about hers It made me want to just "GO" like I used to. But road trips are not just for the young My business partner (that just past) was notorious for grabbing his wife and jumping in the car for a trip to whereever the car ends up taking them. He was a lot older than me - you all ... remember my dad would do that often on Sunday's with us kids and even more often without anyone ... *ahem* showing back up days later ... like my mom used to say: "Smelling like 3 days of bad road & booze" So, I'm going to jump in my car this weekend and just goooo (with Lexy) and a few bucks ... I'll fill you in if there is any interesting stories. o - speaking of interesting stories - Would you like to recall a good/bad Road Trips? Where you go? What you do? Why you go a certain direction? Why you DONT go anymore? odays comment is a once used (from a week before Thankgiving of this year) I added a different look from back ground & fonts he Pretenders "Middle of the Road" Is todays video selection from 1984 Check out those fashion & hair styles! So fun to look back at the 80's ... But seriously WHAT were we thinking? ell, Thats all for today. I hope the mid-week finds you a lot less roughed-up than my comment shows the first half ... And the rest of the week a smooth road to cruise!

The mid-week is time I hope it's better than the week so far: I hope it finds you surviving first part of the week, and the down hill part of the hump a smooth one


Tuesday June 03, 2008 elcome, happy to see you as always. Keep coming back and I'll take it YOU are a FAN of my blogs ... Truth be known, the more you return the bigger fan I become of YOURS! oo bad Stars that we are fans of never seem to appreciate their fans. s I look at the 'fan' I bought only two summers ago sitting in a corner that I found doesn't work any longer Reminds ME that fans are not forever You probably better enjoy and appreciate them, because they're not going "to be there" forever? Yet STARS of different things are indifferent. So while thinking of a subject for today's blog - I happened to start thinking about the people, places & things that I USED to be a fan of - That either I grew wary of or moved on from or 'it' just disappeared from existence? So saying you're a FAN of something should that mean you're a 'fare weather' fan or a diehard -lifetime- fan forever? I played around with claiming to be a FAN of something's ... Knowing I really wasn't a true fan to the true sense of the word: * F A N A T I C * ike even here on my Fubar profile I said I was a fan of: Rock Stars Movie Stars Porn Stars ruth is Rock stars fade Movie stars disappear from the screen And porn stars? Well, I believe I lied there for sure - being I only know the names of a few, that's from other things they've done news worthy ...not their body of work. So that brings me to: hat are you a TRUE fan of? had to think about this and I of course thought music but I'm TOO versified to say that I'm a fan of ONE band Forever ... Some of my favorites have failed and had some real stinkers released. I might say I enjoyed certain albums or a few songs were great and things of that nature ... But a real fan would stand by their band and buy that album even if it stunk? I wouldn't ... so I must not be a REAL fan!!! o after much thought, I found the ONE (non family) thing I will always be devoted to & I've stood by even when things where bleak and wary Ohio State Football! 've liked and forgotten many of bands, I've gone to see many movie stars THEN, That I wouldn't pay to go see - NOW ... But I think, after much thought that people who love their sports teams will ALWAYS remain true to them. ut I cant think of any band, or other stars (movie or otherwise) that get that same loyalty as people sports teams do. So, I ask YOU ... do you have something that your a TRUE fan of that you KNOW that will be a TRUE fan for a lifetime? I need someone to remind me of something to be a fan of other than my Ohio sports ... Tell me all about one thing YOU'VE claimed to be a fan of all your life & see it as never changing? y original comment from today has been posted twice before. I added effects and made it a little smaller than before. Using '' again. I made it back awhile ago, it was just a way to say: I send you animated comments to be noticed ... (nah) It was just a "Happy" comment Actually one of the only ones I've made that wasn't for a particular 'DAY' of the week (notice no day assigned) ideo selection was made while looking for any of my OLD favorite bands that faded away - the POLICE came to mind & fit the bill ... Funny it also had PEANUTS characters with also kinda fit into the theme ... I used to be a huge fan of both and really don't even think of them that much now-a-day! So I hope this finds you well and if in need of a fan ... Yours from the past season didn't quite on you too! Here's today's comment:
We took a POLL To see
As you see ... Does ... But ONE stands out more than the rest! Signed: Your biggest
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