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created on 09/14/2006  |
Gawd, it has been one of those weekends I guess. Just when you think things are going great, something happens to toss it around a bit. I have found the love of my life, and it hurts me every day that we cannot be together, but last night was just so hard. I want him here so bad, that it just gets to me sometimes. I know he will be here on the 6th, but that is a long time for me to wait, I mean hell I havent seen him in 4 weeks. I just cannot wait til he moves. Last night some issues that we have had put a lil strain on our relationship, and caused a lot of stress to where I wasnt sleeping, eating, or anything. Just pretty much just sittin here staring at the walls wishing he would call. Then finally I had heard from him and it was just like all my stress, everything that I was feeling had been lifted off of me. He is what I need, he is who I want, and I want him now.. I hate having to wait. My kids love him to death, I love him to death. I just dont want anymore nights like last night. Anyway I just wanted to write a lil bit cause there really isnt anything to do online.. Hope everyone has a wonderful week..


Right now I am extremely bored..LoL.. There is nothing to do, I keep roaming this site, but yet, Im still bored. Rob had to work tonight, which is out of the norm. Im so use to us spending this time together, but since he isnt here I really don't have anyone to talk to. By the time he gets off work, he is going to wore out, and tired and he isnt going to want to stay up and talk to me. See Rob is in Florida, which means since it is 12 am here, it is 1 in the morning for him.. By the time he gets home, it may be 3 in the morning, he is going to be tired. Anyway I am just rambling cause, I dont know what else to do...LOL
So anyway I was sitting here today just talking away on the phone about Lost Cherry, I said the one thing I wish Lost Cherry had was a blog, and what do I see when I sign on today, a place for blogs. How awesome is that...LOL.. I swear the littlest things just tickle me.. See I have a blog on Yahoo 360 and one on Myspace, and personally I love this site A LOT better then either of them put together. It has everything that those have and so much more.. So those are my thoughts for today..LoL if I have anymore I will post more.. See ya!!
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