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All through nursing school, we were taught as nurses that we have to accept everyone, from every culture, every socioeconomic background, every life stage, and every religion...you get the point, all human beings deserve to be cared for, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. That being said, most nurses are Christian, Baptist, Church of Christ, etc.... I run into problems, because I am not Christian. Nurses believe that behind closed doors with other nurses, it is ok to talk about other's beliefs. Should I keep on smiling and nodding, or should I say something? Yesterday's comment really blew me away. The nurse said she doesn't like it and doesn't feel very comfortable with a patient telling her "I'm Wiccan, I'm a Witch, and I'm the devil." I wanted to say something right then. People still believe that Pagans, and or Wiccans worship the devil? I suppose I could have mummed this, but it's very heart felt and kind of a tender subject to me right now. I would like feedback, but I don't need a lot of ignorant people treating me like shit right now. What should I do?
I have been feeling lately like people still look down on pagans, and that they still believe we worship Satan. How can we worship something we don't even believe in? Satan is a Christian belief, and they can keep him. 25,000 years ago, wo/man believed in many Gods, and Goddesses. They saw that in nature, both the male and female presents had to be for life to be. Religion evolved in a natural way, wo/man lived with the land, animals and plants, not away from these things. The focus of life was the hunt, for in the hunt, wo/man aquired food, clothing for warmth, and "supplies" to fashion weapons, tools, and make shelter. The God and Goddess were a part of this circle, and wo/man gave praise, worshiped and talked to thier God/ess asking for plentiful crops, birth of animals, and fertility in themselves, to perpetuate mankind. They understood life as a circle, not a straight line. Good and evil were not assigned to seperate dietis, early man saw the potential for both in all wo/man, and all things. There was no all good God, and all evil adversary. With the coming of Christianity came the idea that there was one "good God". Also came the attempt to convert all people to Christianity, though it was not a quick mass conversion in the beginning as many believe, this is where the idea that all who worshiped any but the Christian God were Devil worshipers. I can't write everything down in one blog, there are many, many books on the subject of Paganism, Wicca, Christianity, and a multitude of other religions (which really, I find agreement and disagreement with almost all that I have read) So if you want to know more, I would be glad to suggest reading, I just want it to be clear that I do not worship the Devil.
Beltain and Samhain have to be my favorite times of the year...Since Beltane is comming up, that's what I'm going to write about. Beltane is the time we celebrate the union of the god and goddess. Love is in the air, as the bees work to pollenate the flowers and honey drips from the combs. It signals the time of proliferation of abundance on earth. The veneration fires of Beltane may have originated with the worship of the Celtic sun god Belenus, likened to the Greek Apollo. Beltane or La Beltaine la- day, bel- refers to the god, taine- fire. Belenus is associated with healing and solar energy. He is linked to the goddess Belisima, who shares many charactoristics with Brighid. I will continue this later, need to go for now
Because it pleases the goddess: I shall cleanse my body, mind and spirit with salt, water and smoke I shall wear my emerald to bring luck, My ruby to give me fire, A blue shirt to remember the cleansing of water, The air suround me In light and love I'll watch the sun rise Sweep my step as I leave my door All negative energy leave me Positive thoughts and feelings be with me With gracious thoughts for my Goddess, and love and light in my heart, I set about my task for today. I will pass my NCLEX-RN exam. As I will it, so mote it be!
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