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So... I am in College, working, and singing all at the same time... And it's going to be really stressful... Beware, I'll probably take it out on you. Nah, kidding... But on my way to the college today I was thinking some pretty deep stuff. I was thinking how everyone I get in a relationship with, I usually mess it up by judging them by the one that I was with Formerly. It's quite pathetic actually. If I'm with someone I definantly wouldn't appreciate them judging me from their crazy stalker ex who's always calling or IMing them when I'm with them... So, why would I want to do someone that way? Exactly. I would apologize to all my ex's right now for judging them.. but they've simply proved my point that all of them have ended up being just as I imagined in the end... Therefore, there are no apologies in order. Sorry losers! But for someone that I choose to be with, I won't judge them anymore... Well, unless they give me a reason to. The best advice I can give to any of you is to love them til they break your heart.. Otherwise, you'll never have a heart to be broken and never find someone that can unbreak it. I know what you're thinking! "That's easily said... but a broken heart is the worst pain imaginable!" I know, I've been there! I'm still trying to recover some of the recent ones, believe me!!... but I realized a long time ago that if someone can break my heart into a thousand pieces then why would you even consider giving them the time of day, as you sit around and cry and cry and cry about some stupid immature games that they are trying to play with you!? They aren't worth it! When you find that certain someone, they will be able to take all of the pieces and piece them all back together, one by one... but I guess it's like a million piece puzzle.. and it takes time to get every little piece back together... but if they care enough, they'll take the time and stay right by your side until every single piece is in place. Then you'll know, the one who unbreaks your heart.. Is really the one your heart belongs to!
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