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This goes out to all the Truckers who travel through out the US!

I never really knew but had an idea of the rigerous rodes you all travel but never knew just how ruff it truely is on the open rode till a few days ago when i had to drive from North Carolina to California.

All Truckers out there, you all have my upmost respects.  I deffinately don't know how you all do it when it comes to the damn mountains you all have to go through on a daily basis..  But i can say i have learned alot from you guys when it comes to driving through the deepest and tallest mountains.  How you may ask did i learn from you?  As i was driving through the mountains in a rental truck, i couldn't figure out why my vehicle kept wanting to try to over heat on me goin up the inclines of the mountains until i kept watching how you guys would just creep up the mountain. I would then try that n just let the truck creep up the steep incline of the mountain and she would be back to normal.  Thanks guys for showing me some of the ways of driving a truck through the toughest mountains out here. You all also taught me that inorder to get up those steep inclines you gotta punch the gas to get that speed to get those rigs up the mountain. 

But i would have to say the most scarriest thing that you guys face when it comes to driving those mountains are whether or not your brakes are goin to hold the rigurous steep down cline at 6% down grade hills... those 1's literaly scared the piss outta me

so for that you guys n women out there who drive a rig... you have my respects for that.

always stay safe no matter where you may go and god bless you all!!

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