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My Thought's not the Thought's of anyone affiliated with me. I feel that The United States people are starting to be so closed minded. They are not standing up for there rights. Is it because they are scared of the Government ? Are they scared of President Bush? Bush has pushed his luck to far! He has brought The United States to the brink of global war. He has lied about Iraq and hasn't gone after Bin Laden. At no time in his state of the union he didn't talk about the people of New Orleans and Katrina. He wants to open a part of the border so people want walk over anytime. His reason behind this is if we open a part of the border so anyone can come over easier they will not sneak over. If you didn't know Bush had a cocaine problem. There is a man who went to college with Bush who said " He has direct knowledge of young Bush selling cocaine in his college years". The Yale man adamantly refused to go on the record, on the grounds that he had no desire to authenticate a story that could only damage Bush's chances in the race for the presidency. If Bush didn't do that ! Then why did he avoid and refuse to answer the question when asked? Well maybe this is why !!!!! Book: Bush was arrested for cocaine in 1972 Texas author J.H. Hatfield claims the Republican front-runner did community service at a Houston center. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Salon Staff Oct. 18, 1999 | A new book by Texas author J.H. Hatfield claims that George W. Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972, but had his record expunged with help from his family's political connections. In an after word to his book "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President" (St. Martin's), Hatfield says he took a second look at the Bush cocaine allegations after a story in salon reporting allegations that Bush did community service for the crime at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Houston's Third Ward. The center's executive director, Magdelean Bush (no relation to George W. Bush), had told Salon News and others that Bush did not do community service there, and the Bush campaign likewise denied the allegation. But the Texas governor had admitted to working at Houston's Project P.U.L.L. in 1972, and Hatfield says he began to wonder if that was actually the community service sentence. Hatfield says he confirmed those suspicions with three sources close to the Bush family he had cultivated while writing his biography, which publishes Wednesday. Bush's campaign denied Hatfield's allegation . By contrast, "First Son: George W. Bush and the Family Dynasty," by Dallas Morning News reporter Bill Minutaglio, says George Bush Sr. referred his son to Project P.U.L.L. after an incident in which George W. drove drunk with his younger brother Marvin in the car. But Hatfield quotes "a high-ranking advisor to Bush" who confirmed that Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in Houston in 1972, and had the record expunged by a judge who was "a fellow Republican and elected official" who helped Bush get off "with a little community service at a minority youth center instead of having to pick cotton on a Texas prison farm." Hatfield quotes a former Yale classmate who told him: "George W. was arrested for possession of cocaine in 1972, but due to his father's connections, the entire record was expunged by a state judge whom the older Bush helped get elected. It was one of those 'behind closed doors in the judges' chambers' kind of thing between the old man and one of his Texas cronies who owed him a favor ... There's only a handful of us that know the truth." Another source named only as "a longtime Bush friend" described the situation this way: "Say you get a D in algebra ... and now you're going to be required to repeat the class the following year, but your teacher says if you promise to be tutored during the summer by a friend of hers who's good in math, she'll change the D to a C. You spend a few hours a week during the summer vacation learning all about arithmetical operations and relationships, and then the teacher issues you a new report card, replacing the old one on file in the principal's office ... Something akin to that scenario is what happened with Bush in 1972." Hatfield also says that when he asked Scott McClellan to comment on the allegation of a former Yale classmate of Bush's that the presidential hopeful was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972 and had his record expunged in exchange for community service at Project P.U.L.L., the Bush campaign spokesman said, sotto voce, "Oh, shit," followed by, "No comment." This makes me worry! If Bush did do this then what's his stand on the war on drugs. Then if it isn't true then why does Bush often cited his work in 1973 with a now-defunct inner-city program for troubled teens ( Project P.U.L.L. ) as the source for his belief in "compassionate conservatism." On another note: We are sending more Border Patrol and National Guard on the border. But if the illegal immigrants cross the border and fire on our patrol's ! Why does President Bush say "We can't fire back? " That to me doesn't make sense! He is also saying that I.E.D's ( Improvised Explosive Devices ) are coming from Iran and being used in Iraq against us . He said that high Officials of Iran know about this and letting it happen. He is trying to say that if they are coming from Iran ! Than we have every right to do to them what we are doing to Iraq ! Just like when he thought that Iraq had ( W.M.D )Weapons of mass destruction. Now maybe they did have W.M.D and just moved them to another country. We don't know!!! But we to this day haven't seen any over there. With the I.E.D coming from Iran? Any idiot can make those!!! Hell we know Russia is missing nuclear weapons and E-bombs ( Electronic wave bomb ). The E-bomb puts out the same amount if not more than a Nuclear bomb. What it does is when it is set off. It puts out electronic waves that disables all electronics devises. Like cell phones, T.V's, radios, computer, radar ect... Get my point !!!! Wipes out everything. It doesn't kill people unless you have a pace maker. Russia has these bombs missing !!!!!!! Let me put a little more fear in you! If this bomb gets set off 300 miles above the United States! The whole United States gets shut off!!! If this bomb gets near wall street all our money goes Bye Bye!!!! If this bomb goes off near or by NORAD (our main defense system in Colorado Springs Colorado) NORAD doesn't work!! If this bomb goes off near an airport planes fall out of the sky !!!!! We are in big trouble!!! We have a President who is an Idiot and doesn't have a clue to our safety and to what the people want. He is Part of N.W.O ( New World Order ) !!!!! It's an organization that his father started. It's an organization of people who will run the world as one! No one will have a say in anything. Government for the Government by the N.W.O. Its backed by religion and very wealthy men. You have heard his dad and President Bush said it on National TV. We are looking for a better way of life and someday we hope to have a New World Order !!!!! That was spoken by Bush Sir and repeated by younger Bush !!!! I have much more to say. But you get the idea! He is going to kill us all ! We need to wake up and do something ! I have no idea how to go about it. So if you have any ideas please let me know. Thank you for your time Cody .
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