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So, it's no secret I have been gone more than on.  I have been gone more than on primarilly because I got bored. Things progressively got more costly if you wanted to get leveled or become noticed or what ever.

When I first came on 2 and a half years ago, sure there were people then too who were complaining about how things were when FU first opened up as Cherry Tap. But I didn't know it then, I came in just as it had turned in to Fubar.

It was a lot of fun. At least it was for me, as I got to know some of the people and got to know my was around and figured out what to do to level. Yes I spent a lot of bucks on FU, on myself and on others. Do I regret it? Absolutey not, because it was my entertainment. I didn't go to bars and do stuff like that, I work a lot so I come home and relaxed to FU.

Some may think, wow that's sad, but for those of us who work a lot and just don't have the time or energy to get out on some days, this was social scene. You know what I mean you work a holics or busy bodies..lol

Anyway...It's an 18 and over site. I can understand getting after those who have abused the limits of it's TOS and those who have gone to the extreme with their pictures and those who have just been plain nasty to others, but it's a shame that so much has now been restricted.

I remember that at one time there wasn't a day that there was less than 65K people on at one time. Now it seems a struggle to see it at 40K even with the near double the members it has now that it did when I first joined. I am amazed to see it has 45K on right now.

The added levels were great as it gave a new goal, but it also meant more money with the requirements needing you to bling people as part of it. Doesn't mean you had to pay for them, but someone had to so that means you better be tight with someone who had money.

Sadly, though I have no problems with someone's choice to participate in recreational drug use, for a site which is seemingly trying to control on how it's members display themselves, isn't it counter productive that they promote drug use by selling bling pertaining to such?

I know I am disgusted and disappointed that I can't show a pic of myself in a bra if I chose to but I can give you a bling of a pot leaf or a bong making them money..

Just my two cents..

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