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Truth I wish more people realized that we are all but flesh and blood like everybody craps and yes yours stinks too!

Lounges arent for everyone.  But if you put in some effort to chat it could prove fun...

where do i start.  I was told if i helped a particular DJ BigAnt build his lounge i could have control and anythng i wanted to do was cool but just help him build his lounge.  I said ok and I even paid Feelsgood a $20 dollar bling pack to come and code what i couldnt do myself.  Things were ok for a few months...until i found myself getting no help doin all the behind the scenes work my self...

To be continued...the bottom line is the skin was mine and i paid for the coding as well...DJ BigAnt is a out and out liar

I believe Ive been a pretty good sport in the past to show certain individuals my NSFWs.  However, now that there is a special man in my life i really dont feel comfy any more showing my NSFWs.  I mean if you have seen them then youve seen them..fine..whatever.  
But Im just not willin to show anymore out of respect for my man... 

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