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gellsworth's blog: "This World"

created on 04/09/2008  |  http://fubar.com/this-world/b205970
In the beginning we were born as one, Now look at the ugliness that we have done. So many years nothing has changed, Killing each other what a terrible shame. There’s so much in this world to enjoy, Taking life for granted like it's a toy. I look around and what do I see, This beautiful world crying in front of me. Why must we have such wholesome greed, God gave us all we need. Across the waters that flow so deep, It's our pride that we can't keep. Why is it that we can't get along, Put away that sad song. Think about what a boring life it would be, If everyone looked just like me. All born and will surely die, Let us put this hatred aside. Pick up the pieces and move on, Haven’t we all done enough wrong.
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13 years ago
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