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Miss Stang's blog: "Life According To ~Stang"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-according-to-stang/b945  |  3 followers

OH FFS! I was doing my morning reading and saw where in South Carolina, a 12-year old boy was arrested for finding and opening his christmas presents early. I know, it sounds like some crazy shit you might have to research on Snopes but I've done the digging and it's true. The boy and his 27-year old mother live with mom's grandmother. The great grandmother had bought the boy the popular Nintendo Game Boy Advance for Christmas, wrapped it and placed it under the tree. The boy found the gift, unwrapped it and played with it. When the great grandmother found the gift missing the boy claimed to not know the whereabouts of the toy. The great grandmother tells mom that the toy is missing and upon further investigation, finds that the boy had been playing the game in his room, so she calls the police. She justifies this by saying "It wasn't yet his, he wanted it and he took it. I didn't know what else to do." She didn't know what else do do??!!! Hmm let me see, whoop his ass? Take it back? Donate it to charity? Pick your order but my mom would have made ME give that toy away. She would not have saved me the embarassment. THEN she would have made sure to tell the whole family what happened to my gameboy at the Christmas family gathering. I would be so mortified by it all that everytime Christmas rolled around or I saw a Game Boy Advanced, I'd have to seek inpatient therapy. The boy was never officially held at the jail, he was charged with petty larceny and sent for processing at a juvenile facility. READ ORIGINAL STORY HERE CLICK TO SEE POLICE REPORT

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