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Death makes angels of us all

and gives us wings

where we had shoulders

smooth as raven´s claws

- Jim Morrison

I love it when we kiss,

Your lips on my lips

Your tounge against my tounge,

Merging into one

Your skin on my skin,

The fire burning within

Our bodies intertwined,

Your heart beating with mine

Caught up in the passion,

Reaching satisfaction

When the ecstasy overflows,

And all at once explodes.


The synchronicity
of your
lips against
my neck is 
my greatest sin
and only regret.

I crave for the taste of your lipsAs they mold against mineSlowly, so slowly. Then in perfect syncWe close every gap that exists—tongues fightinghands roaminglegs lockingbodies burning.

Time and space
explode together,
stars shoot
to infinity.
Nothingness surrounds,

Eyes close,
mind floats
into another dimension.
Acutely aware,
feeling the slightest touch,

Breath shallow,
softly caressing,
zephyrs of desire.
Ageless words,
encapsulated in the air.

Movement slows,
the lightest contact
says all.
Nothing more is needed,

Tracing fingers
over skin,
the intimacy heightened.
touching in a new way,

Beating heart,
felt totally.
Head pressed on chest,
listens to the heart,

Skin touches
warm flesh.
Total surrender
of self.
Two are as one,

Eyes gaze
into beauty.
Complete adoration,
shines through.
Seeing into the soul,

Lovers close,
outside time,
enjoying the moments
of bliss,
drowning in the love.

I have this driving force that keeps me going day after day. It  pushes me, it motivates me, it strengthens me. This driving force is called LOVE - An emotion that I have experienced while being with you. The Power of Love gives me the strength to move mountains and hills that may keep me from being with you. The Love I have for you enhances all of mysenses, letting my ears listen to the whispers you tell my heart, that ride with the wind. This Love I have for you is so powerful, that I neednot see a beautiful sunset for all the beauty I will ever need to see lies in your eyes. Through every thought and every dream, I can feel you, like you are right here next to me. The Love you have shown me gives me the strength to make it through my worst days. I Love you so much, that I see you everywhere. I see your face in the clouds, as if it was molded from clay. The Power of Love helps me get through each passing day. I will move mountains for you, I will keep my Love honest and true. You need only to ask, and I will provide and strive to fulfill your wishes.Faith makes our dreams, but Love is our guide.

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways

I love the way you love the real me
For no pretense does there have to be

I love how you can make me laugh
Though my world seems so dark

I love how you make me feel
As though I can tell you anything

I love how just the thought of you
Brings a smile to my face

Just knowing that we are going to spend 
our lives together
Is enough to make me feel like the happiest
person in the world

That's how I love you and it's how you make me

A perfect man is not the one who promises to bring you the stars or the moon to make you feel like you are in heaven. But the one who illuminates your darkest nights with his soulful and divine love and creates a heaven with his arms aroundyou. Don’t look for a man who is just good in bed but find a guy whom you can wake up to every morning knowing that he will never cheat on you physically and emotionally. A perfect man is the one who gives you that beautiful feeling of knowing that your loving heart is safe with him today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. 

Some nights I lay down on my bed and stared at an open space, can’t think of anything else but to have your hands wrapped around my waist and to have my head pressed against your chest. To put it simply; I can’t think of anything else but to have my nights spent with you.

In loveI love you for the way you are and how you make me feel ...
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