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Leaving? Thought the silence you can hear the tears fall, I sit with my back to you, I donít want you to see, to see what I have done, donít worry. It will all be gone soon, yes hate , fear, caring, loving, and the constant of you. I have done it, yes it is leaving, my heart no longer wants , need, craves, or will accept it, I am better now, Just look away, donít look at me. You know you and others have caused this. Yes, I will take blame too. I let this happen to me to many times. I am to dumb to realize you play a good game. Yes, let myself be a toy in the game, because I believed you, now I know what it is all about, but no more, it will all be gone soon. I am almost gone. My soul, my love, my hate, my heart, my bleeding, and finally my breathing. Look away, donít see me, and donít see this... I am gone.
Softness,Sweetness,Gentail,Hard,Passionate,Loving, Hello,GoodBye. All this and more. A kiss can hold. So when it is given. The Receiver should not take it:as if it did not matter. A kiss is something special. It should be treated as : It is the only thing in the universe.
UMMM...... Oh just lay back and close your eyes. Yes let me take you there. Just relax, let me rub your head. Starts with a look; Goes to a smile; light flirting; Small talk. Yes you know what is going to happen next. You are afraid; you are not sure how to start, or who should start. It is the trill of not knowing, together at last. The fumbling, giggling, kissing; touching; smiling. Opps! The first button is open. Not sure if you should go further, do you really want to stop? No you want to go on. Not sure if the other person wants to go further. Yes they do. They reach for you. Not quit sure of yourself, but you know your heart is racing, kissing touching. Mind is racing; heart is racing, breathing heavy. Touching becomes kissing, kissing becomes licking. Donít stop the mind says, yet you hear your voice. Off comes the shirt, the rubbing of the hands on the back, on the shoulders, down the chest. What is next? You donít think you just do. Off come the pants, then all of a sudden. Things slow down. There is only the two of you, No one or anything else exist. Just the two of you breathing; touching; kissing; licking; sucking. Off comes your underwear, at that slight moment you think. Oh god. It is going to happen. Finally in an embrace, you lay back and press, your bodies together. At last sweet: sensation of connection; At that point sheer satisfaction. Does it end or does it begin?
Today was good day. I was doing my job. Yet people kept saying in different conversations. " taking things to serious" Even said it myself today. I was saying, I know that even if a person is telling you you are beautiful, you still have to believe it yourself. I have gotting where i don't take it to seriuos. My friends said" really, then why is your new phone bill $289.00 , stop that damn texting." i just laughted. Then one of my tenant's came in. He was really mad at his Wife. " he told me- weel her mom's here and we can not stand eachother. I asked why? he said she takes what i did on my wedding day to seriuos. I asked what. He said, because he got drunk and was slapping her ass and saying he would do her, is nothing serious. I said maybe she takes that seriuos , because maybe if you are drunk again, you might fallow throught with it and cheat on your wife. Mothers always worry about there kids. He said, now that is serious. Then later, I get into big arguement, with my Mother, she said not to take, some one so young serious, do wear your heart on your selve, because it might be a game, i don't want you seriuosly hurt. I told her, what am I taking to seriuos." I mean god forbid i like some one. Yes I have messed up in the pass on my choices of how I loved. But damn, I like this guy, I don't need her to make me feel stupid for it. I told her, friendship, is the best for now. She said the reason, she takes things like that seriuos, because, she did not want me hurt. I told her to stop worrying. Then While at the store, I hear the cashier saying, people take things to seriuos. I said it depends on what the issue is_ there are things we as people should take seriuos, but we ignor them. I think we think of pety things, because we are afraid of the big things, The things to take seriuos in my life, are Family & Friends.
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