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created on 11/30/2006  |  http://fubar.com/fubar-lover/b29712  |  1 followers
I'm seriously considering leaving this place, no one chats anymore..all anyone cares about is leveling...this place was fun when I first joined, people wanted to chat..have fun and bs. The majority of people on my friends list will not even know I'm gone, all most care about is that I'm rating all their stuff, but when I ask for anything...I don't get it, hell even asking for one of my friends to own me before it expires...not one person did, most on here are selfish and are here for themselves, well I'm not that way, I care about my friends and love chatting with them, I've said I would never delete my account, because I would come back to check on my real good friends, but there's no reason for me to be here, seems most don't appreciate all the hours and time I've spent on their pages rating their pics, to those who have helped me along the way, I really do appreciate it and will never forget it, but what it comes down to on this site is u have to spend a crap load of money or have autos running for anyone to come to ur page. Well most of us in the r/l world don't have money to spend, because we are single parents raising our kids and paying our bills struggling, but no matter how good of a person u r in r/l or on here, u get overlooked and forgotten, me included, to Tre I thank you for buying my vip for me, but don't bother to anymore, I feel like I have to come on here to use my 11s up daily, and if I'm not a vip I have no reason to be here. My true good friends know how to get a hold of me, I'm not gonna post my yahoo addy again because not one person added me, Take care all. I love my real friends, you know who you are.
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