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well let me start off but saying iam suprized i even get this many views on my blogs because there just my feelings and the way i feel. well hay okay this post here is about the things i have seen or done that i wish i could change. i was working at my moms bar Hot Shotz at the time as a security guy. there is a bar next door to were my moms bar used to be. it was a Mexican joint with under age kids going in there and it was known for serving alchoal to any one. and it has known for prostitutes. well one night it was just me and my brother Aron working security that night and about 1am there was a car that drove in the parking lot saying they owned it and it was there turf. we just always said yea it is man because we didn't want to fight the Mexican flannel gang. well about a hr after that they drove by the bar again and down the street were we saw 2 people walking. the car of gang banger jumped out and stabbed the 2 people walking. we called the cops right then and there and ran to try to help out. the ambulance ofcorse took way longer then it should have but when it got there me and my brother were just trying to mainly hold the people back off the wounded people. one guy was stabbed 9 times. 2 in the shoulder 3 in the back and the rest in other places on the body. the other was stabbed around 12. and to this day i am not sure if they even lived past the night. me and my brother don't ever talk about it and most likely never will but if i could take back ever working there i would.
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