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created on 09/14/2006  |
It's beena while since I have writen anything and maybe for good reason. For the most part I just want to say that if your friends with someone longer than a month or so, then you shouldn't belive the first thing that someone has said that friend said. I mean really, would it be too much to ask to have someone come out and say, "Hey so and so said that you were talking about me behind my back, is it true?" But no, instead of that we get nothing, silence, the cold shoulder, etc. Although this is a good way to see who is true and who isn't, who is honest and who is just picking you for the flavor of the month, it's still just cruel. Me personaly...I don't give a shit. If you want to go beliving every dick/pussy that comes your way thats just sad. You loose a lot of good friends that way. That's all for now, Oh and your all fierd, cats rule! LOL
I have desided I will no longer be all (with the exception of work and two people) That way I can see what I have a parently "said" and not "said". I am tierd of this whole thihng. I dont care whose seeing who, or whos spending time with what person. Im done. I have had it. The4 only things I will say I will email or submit in other forms of writing that way I will have proof of what was really said. One other thihng, my trust among some people who I thought I would be able to resaulve things with is compleatley gone I have taken her off my friends list for this reason. If I get any wind of anything elses to waver my trust I will drop out of site and not be herd from again. This is the sort of shit I desided to take myself away from for 3 years prior to this. I will do it again if I feel the need. Im not one to be pushed around or pissed off. So as of this moment ojn Im delairing my silence. Do NOT ask me abouyt anything Do NOT ask me to call anyone Do NOT ask me to find out anything from anyone. I will not. And as soon as all the high school bullshit is over with I will return to speeking.
Guess what number Im thinking of right now! LOL


I am so sick of the he said she said shit. All it does is ruin friendships and spred lies. Im just done with them. So, just as a reminder, if you hear something about someone and you want to know if its true ASK THEM. Dont go spreding it around. The second thing is if you find out the person who "said" something about you, why not go to them directly? I mean really whats it going to hurt to ask? You may just find out that the person who"said" something, really didnt say anything at all. Just go to the root of the rumor people, because all the drama that rumors create really isnt worth it. Not to mention if YOU know its not true, leave it alone really. Just drop it.
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