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Arsnik's blog: "Just Crap"

created on 09/06/2007  |  http://fubar.com/just-crap/b125134
Ok, lately i've been sitting around and can't help but think of all the things I hate either on fubar or outside this addicting thing. Guys with tongue rings, ok well not the tongue ring in general. But when they stick their tongue out in pictures in an attempt to "lure ladies" with their mouthing skills dude I fucking hate that. its unattractive. I hate that fat girls try and mask themselves, by making up this stupid BBW shit, trying to justify that they are unhealthy. news flash fatties, guys don't like blubber, ok some do But they ain't cute so i guess you get what you get. being OVERWEIGHT is NOT I Repeat NOT ATTRACTIVE I think ugly girls should not be allowed to post NSFW pictures. Hey ugly girls! just because a hottie says "lookin good" he's just being nice. he then saves your picture and shows his buddies so they can laugh at you..shit I do that. I hate those cocky people who think that they are better than everyone else "so i'm buying 6 HH's, blah blah blah" Hey cock face, don't you think there are charities you could donate that $100 too? I'm broke and I still donate to the JDRF (juvenile diabetes research fund) maybe you should too. Fuck I hate that people don't read profiles everything you could possibly want to know is written in the ABOUT ME section of a profile.. Example.. Mine States: In a relationship Hey fuck face did you just ask me if I was single? or it also says, I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY AIM OR YIM. what did you say? you want my yim? can I just put a bullet in your eye? READ PROFILES ASSHOLES. People who Add people just for the fuck of it. Ok so I admit when I first started Fubar last year I did that. But Fuck I grew out of it. I hate that people are here for A popularity contest, GROW UP this is an adult site. I hate that when someone does send a request, the request box is empty. WHY WOULD I ACCEPT THAT? are you real?? I mean god, you can't even say hello? or hey care to add me? NO you leave it blank retards I don't accept those.. I deny them. you'd make a lousy friend, friends say hi to each other. OK I hate how the economy is going down the tubes I can't find a job, and when I do.. The place closes. 2 jobs in 3 months due to store closing. Thanks Bush you Fucking piece of shit someone should assassinated your ass. I hate that its like 20 degrees here i'm fucking cold. I hate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, why? we don't really celebrate them for the reasons they were created fucking greedy ass people . NO VIRGINA THERE ISN'T A SANTA CLAUSE, I FUCKIN SHOT HIS FAT ASS BECAUSE HE CALLED HIMSELF "BBW" ok ok,I think i'm done venting, there is a lot more, but i'll save that for another time enjoy yourself kids.
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