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28 Year Old·Male·From Los Angeles, CA·Joined on June 30, 2012·Relationship status: Single·Born on March 12th·3 referrals joined!·I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

We are WALLA!

We like to play music everyday, meet awesome people, make lots of money, and not live with our parents(we love them don’t get us wrong). Anything you can do to help with those 4 things would be greatly appreciated. Especially the 4th one! It is the love for music that brought these strangers together that later turned into family.

We are WALLA:
(in a mathematical order, can you figure out the sequence?)

Jonathan Hoonch Kim – Awesome and (sometimes) singer, guitar and Micro Korg. Our Korean muscle from Columbus Ohio have won multiple macaroon eating contest. He was once an extra on The Simpsons, Family guy and South Park which makes him cooler than everyone else in the band. He’s a little too tall for an Asian man and quite mysterious too.

Gabriel Nava Rodrigues – Pianist boy wonder. He can play Piano, keyboard, accordion, etc. (basically anything with keys he can play). This Brazilian animal tamer is the pianist version of the pied piper. We don't know how he did it but his cat (Chalmer) can play fetch! He once climbed one of the oldest/tallest trees in the world at the sequoia national park. He claims to have found a coconut on top, still yet to be verified.

Ian Charlie – we like to call him the shredder but the name doesn’t do him much justice since his guitar skills is in a whole different level. If you can help us give him a nickname that suits him we’ll buy you a drink. This humble young Indonesian likes walk on the beach, watching sunsets and stargazing at daytime. Did we mention he has played with some of the best musicians in the world? (James Montgomery, Barry Goudreau, etc.)

Alessio Balsemin – Italian Gymnast, percussionist, drummer. He was in the Olympic team for Italy but sprained himself after racing a cheetah in Africa(he won!). Due to this accident he wasn't able to compete so he picked up boxing instead and trained with Kangaroo Jack. Beware of his ear piercings, its actually a hypnotic device that will make you fall in love(it was never his Italian accent)!

Mauricio Carcamo – Our Salva/Mex multi-instrumentalist will drop The Bass. This Casanova got the swagger that can’t compare to anyone’s game. He bears the Treble Clef tattoo on his arm (a mark of one bad ass musician). He’s driving skills is no match, once he drove a van out of the garage blocked by his Audi and a family SUV. Sure he crashed and destroyed the vehicles but that’s not the point...

Each members are professionals and is influenced by the sound they hear in their surroundings.

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Ps. In case you're curious who we are www.sonicbids.com/WALLA

Music! Lots of it!

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