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So those close to me know that this last couple of months have literally been hell for me.... But you know what? Im fine now....really...i am... im not hurting anymore, my heart is finally healing, thanks to alisha, michelle, shawntel, and of course Dahlia... You came into my life at just the right time and right place.... in just 2 days of standing and talking to you, youve healed my mind and my heart. Its amazing thats all it took from you...just a few minutes of conversation...thank you so much for that and im looking forward to our future.... Also many thanks to my online friends on here, you guys have all been great......thank you so so much to angela and jon for helping me out with summer...you guys are the greatest!!! And finally, to seal the coffin of all of my pain and sorrow of the last couple of months, i close with a sample of one of the greatest DANZIG songs out there..... =--this goes to all of the sacrifices ive made, all of the blood and tears ive poured out, all of the sleepless nights and countless hours of planning for a future that was never going to be to begin with....and for all of the excuses that i had to hear when i expressed my feelings....sealed and forgotten--- (from DANZIG's "godless") just spread your tentacles of hate around my life i've taken more than you could ever give you can't believe that someone challenges your right i'm gonna send you back your pain i couldn't love it anymore i had to listen to my heart Dean Dark
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